Redesign, Recruit, Retain

When it comes to talent recruitment and retention, the office has become a key influencer in today’s market. Thanks to technology there’s now more of an overlap between what’s work and what’s social, with many of us able to work anywhere and at any time – we don’t necessarily need to be office bound.

Given that, we value our connectivity and most of us want to have a base where we can go to work collectively, or individually, to interact with the rest of the business.

And so, that central meeting point is still the main working space for the majority, rather than home or on the move, and, as such, it’s become increasingly essential that it plays its role as the flag waver for our employers; matching our expectations and providing us with an environment where we want to go to work.

On the checklist

Today’s younger workforce gives credence to experiences; it appreciates the comfort factor and feelings of contentment and personal value as much as, if not more than, remunerative packages and benefits.

Given that, we’re certainly a more mixed workforce than ever before, cultivated from different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience, and we hold different values which all should be taken into account to some degree.

Do your homework

Research and data can positively influence your office design. Talk to the team, issue questionnaires, hold meetings and invite comment: Find out what works for each individual and then you can assess how to bring out about changes that will benefit everyone.

Agile working

Proven to be responsible for happier employees, reduced absenteeism, lower operational costs and a greater degree of productivity, agile working is a concept that is worth exploring; it could make all the difference to your business and impact positively on attraction and retention.

Effective workspaces

Far better to be in a workspace that brings out the best in your employees and is a motivating factor than one where people are practicing ‘presenteeism’, with no desire to be there and one eye on the clock.

There are very real problems that can come from putting talent into an environment that doesn’t best meet its needs. Better use of space can help your business and your people to flourish and so it makes sense to do your research and find out more.

For anyone interested, we’re holding a free seminar on Workspaces for attraction and retention at the National Design Centre in Aldwych on Thursday 29th November from 9 am until 10.30 am.

Drop us a line, if you’d like to attend.