Seminar: Achieving Business Efficiency Through ‘Smart Working’

We had a great time at the ‘Achieving Business Success Through Smart Working’ seminar yesterday evening.

Oliver Baxter, Insight Programme Manager at Herman Miller, started with thought provoking predictions on what the world might be like in 2018.  This led to some interesting propositions as to the workplace of the future.

Hannah Nardini, Workplace Strategist Consultant, gave us an excellent talk on swarm intelligence and wellbeing in the workplace.  During her talk Hannah explained that swarm intelligence means that a group of people can be capable of finding highly efficient solutions to difficult problems and can adapt automatically to changing environments.  She explained that in order to create a more efficient workplace, we need to make sure that we provide areas where staff can collaborate effectively.


Achieving Business Efficiency through ‘Smart Working’

The seminar was followed by a wine tasting session where we enjoyed tasting some great new wines!