Reimagining a new office space requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience.

At Office Principles, our in-house experts collaborate with industry leading office build and construction professionals – including quantity surveyors, project managers, architects and office interior designers – in order to deliver an outstanding service to all our clients.

We also offer essential advice on office health and safety and risk assessment.

Number of office build projects completed in the last two years, over 660,000 sq ft of office space


Delivering both CAT A and CAT B office fit-out and refurbishment projects successfully across the UK, with over 30 years’ experience in office build delivery.

All our projects at Office Principles are based around four key cornerstones – design co-ordination, cost certainty, project delivery and health and safety.

Design co-ordination

Excellent design co-ordination is crucial to the success of any office build delivery. We work closely with all stakeholders throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of each project so that we can identify any issues at an early stage in the process and work proactively to find positive solutions.

Cost certainty

Our open, honest and realistic approach to costing an office construction project is what builds trust between all stakeholders. This is a big part of what we do, so our goal is always to price the project right the first time.

Project delivery

We carefully select our supply chain partners by hand to ensure we’re achieving the highest level of office build quality for our clients. We look after everything from initial workplace consultancy, to essential details like office risk assessment and health and safety.

We work tirelessly to deliver every single project on time and, over the last 3 years, we have completed 78% of our office construction projects ahead of schedule – saving our clients valuable time and money.

Health and safety

Maintaining our excellent health and safety record is a priority at Office Principles. We ensure that all activities are carried out proactively, in accordance with safe working procedures, and in compliance with statutory provisions.

We also employ a team of independent auditors that undertake safety audits on all our sites. The data gathered from risk assessment audits is used to continuously improve our office health and safety performance on-site.

The Black Book

Black Book

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Now at its fifth edition, the Black Book is still as popular as ever. Over 6,000 copies are now residing in the hands of managing directors, finance managers, designers, project managers and key decision-makers worldwide. Expanding from just 69 steps in edition one, to 88 steps in the latest edition, this book holds the golden rules to a successful office design, relocation and refurbishment.

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“It was a very very successful project that couldn’t have gone any better.”

“I feel like it really embodies our brand, it’s a fun and interesting place to work.”

“They get us, they know us, they understand us - we love working with Office Principles.”

“Office Principles really listen to us. They've been innovative.”

“Office Principles guided us through the whole process from the beginning to the end.”

“It’s a cool space, kind of retro - really what we were going for and Office Principles really helped us figure that part out.”

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