SKIM – An agile solution to office noise

Creatif has launched a new product aimed to further enhance the agile office design. These 50mm acoustic panels are built with an aluminium frame, and lined with a heavy-duty commercial grade printed fabric designed to reduce noise levels. Skim gliding panels provide multiple functions and are the perfect lightweight addition to any office. Its acoustic design is a critical factor in making sure your workspace is a place where employees can focus.

This agile acoustic system is designed to transform productivity and focus in the workplace. The sound absorbing fabric combined with its flexibility make it ideal for employees to get some private time just when, where and how they need it. Most open-plan offices report that noise distraction is negatively impacting staff performance and concentration. “Once thrown off track, it can take some 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task” – Gloria Mark. The culprits in many of these cases are bad acoustics.



Effective office interior design that increases productivity and reduces sound pollution is created with the correct materials and furniture. Absorptive materials reduce the reverberation and minimises sound bouncing off of one surface to another. Imagine open-plan offices where employees are talking on the phone, another group nearby are having an informal meeting. Each employee will compete to be heard, thus talking a little louder over their colleagues until the entire office is overcome with noise and chatter, making focus impossible.

Companies looking to transition from the traditional open-plan office to an agile office design will benefit from a more focused and productive workforce. Office Principles believe that implementing high performing acoustic furniture need not be disruptive to your office layout or how your team works. Because Skim gliding panels are lightweight and flexible in design, they perform as the perfect solution for room dividers and creating sub-divisions in an open-plan layout, making your office more agile. Skim panels are able to accommodate various panel surfaces such as dry-wipe boards, veneer boards, decorative acrylics, magnetic boards and polycarbonates – so you can get more out of your office without costly expansions, and installing them is just as hassle free and cost effective.

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Even though workplace design trends are continuously shifting, it would seem that the open-plan office is sticking around for the foreseeable future. Before refurbishing or relocating offices, make sure that your workplace design teams include acoustics into the planning stages. By doing so you will most likely find that occupants are more productive and focused in their new environment, thus ensuring that your team is on track to achieving the company’s bottom-line.

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