Starting the day right…

“How you spend the first 30 mins of your day will determine how the rest of your day will go…”

I have been discussing our office relocation with Stuart Jefferson, Head of Creative Design at Office Principles and we have been looking at the designs for various areas of the new building. Stuart has been stressing the importance of the experience as you enter the building, whether you are a client or visitors coming through the front entrance or a staff member coming in through the rear of the building.

Let’s talk for now about the staff experience. As members of the team start their day, they will walk into the large coffee shop breakout area. Being able to take a moment, sort out a cup of coffee and connect with others at the beginning of the day provides an opportunity for collaboration to kick start the day.

16.07.07 Starting the day right... 2

For a moment, think about where you eat your lunch? If you are like a third of British workers, according to The Telegraph, you probably eat your lunch at your desk. Back in 2008 a BBC report suggested that a computer keyboard was likely to harbour more hazardous bacteria than your average toilet seat!

So the new offices will feature a spacious area that people can not only prepare lunch from the variety of options provided by the company but also can then stop and stay to enjoy eating their meal as well. Whether you want to share it with others on a large central table or enjoy a little more privacy by having your lunch in a booth there are options available.

‘Options’ is a key theme which keeps coming back into my conversations with Stuart Jefferson. Providing environments where members of staff can work and rest at their best will ensure a happier and more productive workforce.

The exciting thing of course is that this not only works as a way of supporting staff but also for inspiring our clients as they visit our living showroom and see what an agile working environment looks and feels like. They can see how a breakout space could be implemented into their own plans for new office space.