Stronger Links for London and Reading

office interior fitout news 14.02.10Network Rail has put forward plans to construct a 17-mile railway line between Reading and Britain’s biggest airport. The new train link which would run through Slough could be complete by as soon as 2017.
The new “Heathrow Spur” could transform journey times to the airport west of London. The 55-minute train journey through Paddington could be reduced to less than half an hour, and the 40-minute trip from Slough could be as quick as 15 mins. The new line would also bring a further 4.5 million people within an hour of Heathrow.
The current line from Paddington to Heathrow is currently run by Heathrow Express who has recently had the best passenger satisfaction ratings in the industry. The Department of Transport will be asked if the Heathrow Express will take over the running of the express shuttle on the new line.
The line could in time be extended to Oxford and Swindon providing businesses with better access to London and the world.

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