The Dream of the possible

You know when you are in a meeting and a phrase jumps out and encompasses all of the preceding conversation.

Well, so it was when I was sat with Stuart Jefferson, Office Principle’s Head of Creative Design discussing the office relocation, that he came out with this wonderful statement about the project to move Office Principles to their new building.

Let me explain a little about what I understood him to mean by this…

Often when we look at a project for a client, we have a single brief, a clear and defined objective to fulfil. Well in this case we have three things to fulfil, in no particular order let me list them for you.

Firstly it is to be a workplace for the business. It needs to meet all the needs of an organisation, so it needs meeting spaces, focussed work spaces, somewhere for the team to be able to fix themselves a coffee, get some lunch and it is to be a place which incorporates an agile approach to work, some of this will require changes to the way it’s always been done.

Secondly it is to be an aspirational space, somewhere that a new client will walk into and say WOW! A space which builds trust and inspires confidence that if the cobbler’s shoes look that good (and we all know the story of the cobblers shoes…) then can you imagine what might be possible for us.

Finally it is to be a space which contains examples of what we expect to be selling, clearly some clients will be ready to go the whole aspirational hog so to speak, however we still need to make sure we can provide examples of the products we are most likely to be delivering to our clients on a week by week basis.

So you can see the challenge is significant, and do keep popping back to see how we get on…