The most sustainable office in the world: The Edge building

Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’ building in Amsterdam takes title from the ‘One Embankment Place’ in London as having highest BREEAM rating of 98.36% and named the most sustainable office building in the world.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) assesses a building’s sustainability practices in building design, construction and operation. This method of measurement encourages low carbon building designs, minimising negative effects on the environment. The Edge building, covering 430,000sqft, is the second largest office building to ever achieve BREEAM’s ‘outstanding’ certification. The property generates its own electricity and is fully equipped with energy-efficient temperature control systems.


The exterior of the building is lined with solar panels to generate its own power. Developers OVG worked with the University of Amsterdam to place additional 44,100sqft onto the roof of Amsterdam’s University buildings. The Edge also generates all energy required for heating and cooling from an aquifer thermal energy storage system. During warm periods, water is extracted from one well and pumped through a heat exchange before it is pumped back into storage until a cooler period when it can be used to heat the building, and vice versa during cooler periods.

The building benefits from its prime location, giving visitors easy access to public transport links and local cycle routes. The property also has 500 bicycle parking spaces on-site. Deloitte’s office also benefits from rainwater collection, the water is stored and then used for tasks such as toilet flushing and watering the property’s plants and greenery. By using innovative technology to drastically lower carbon footprint, The Edge building has set an exemplary standard for the future offices.

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