Top 7 Office Designs Demo

Office Principles is the UK’s leading office interior design practise, and just to prove it we have pulled together some of the latest designs for you to look at. The design team have been working hard over the last few months to produce designs that will inspire our clients and create effective workplaces. Here are just a few examples of the 3D visualisation that we have been producing recently…


We recently worked with a large financial organisation to produce a design which would inspire their staff. Included in the design were creative pods to help their people produce innovative ideas. Also included within the design is a large breakout area, to help keep staff collaborating.

Keep Fit!
Office refurbishment for Fitness First
Fitness First were keen to follow a more traditional looking office, but also wanted the latest in cutting edge design. Here the designer has managed to merge the two features perfectly to create this stunning new office in London.

On Brand!
office design for GE Capital
This stunning new Head Quarters for GE Capital, reflects the brand at every turn. The designer has managed to retain an impressive appearance whilst key elements of the brand have been artfully effected into the space.

Bridge the Gap!
Office design for Housing Partners
The design brief given to us by Housing Partners indicated that they didn’t just want a normal office. The designer on this project decided to put a bridge between the reception area, and the breakout zone, something which Housing Partner fell in love with at first sight!

A Bit of Bubbly?
Office design for Jive Software
Yes, it’s a tank full of bubbling water, and Jive Software dubbed it their ‘Think Tank Bubble Counter’! Standing in the middle of their reception area, this awesome feature creates a surface from which to present their product offering as well as being a stunning design icon.

Old or New?
Office Design for Land Securities
This new reception area created at Holborn Gate for Land Securities features an understated quality that can be hard to find. This design merges photos of Holborn from the early 19th Century along side modern back painted glass, and feature seating.

Best office design
This company wanted to increase their staff wellbeing. The designers at Office Principles came up with the fantastic idea of creating glass window tanks in the walls, and filling them with sand, stones, and small plants. Were they really dreaming of a day at the spa?

Fallen in love with these great design schemes? Why not speak to one of our experienced designers about your office? Give us a call on 0118 913 1811, we look forward to hearing from you!

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