Trending office interior designs that will carry into 2015

In 2014 businesses saw an increase in “environmentally aware” office space design. More and more people are trying to break away from the bustle of everyday office life to enhance the working environment and well-being of workers. To achieve this, companies look to integrating indoors and outdoors within office interior designs. The boundaries between man and nature within office settings are coming to an end. A prediction for 2015 office interior design is that green is here to stay!

As people will agree, the open plan workspace setting can be distracting and not conducive to productivity or privacy. Because of this it has become a necessity to be able to break away from busy and disruptive office environment. Companies are now turning to the use of specialist and sustainable products like self-contained acoustic pods, noise cancelling screen and booth havens. New trends tend to take a little while to filter and catch on, a prediction is that employers will embrace these demands to enhance working environments.

With the constant advancements in tech and gadgets there has been a significant increase in occupancy levels in buildings. We may see workstations becoming more simplified in design and size to fit the minimalistic trend of technology in the modern workplace. There has been a discussion on whether there will be a need for heavily kitted workstation systems within offices. Because of new mobile technologies such as tablets and cloud services, everything will be connected wirelessly; workers will no longer have use for heavy IT machines. Researchers have stated that most offices will only require a simple desk and a comfortable chair.

Responsive desks and wall systems are becoming even more popular (even less need for chunky computer kits!). A high fashion retail store in GUCCI has installed a 40″ wall touch-screen shopping system that allows customers to browse selections of products right in their store. Space saving and encourages customer interaction! We will most likely see these trends carry-over into the new year of 2015 and possibly even further as the whole world is becoming more tech savvy.

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