Walking in our client’s shoes…

Empathy through experience comes to the world of office design and fit-out as we look to relocate Office Principles to a new building.

Never criticise a man, the elderly American Indian said, until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. A statement true of the world today as it was many hundreds of years ago….

So it is with excitement that I embark on blogging my way through the transition we are completing internally at Office Principles. May I thank Stuart Jefferson, Office Principle’s Head of Creative Design for offering me some insights into the journey and committing to meeting regularly so that I can update you all on the progress, the learnings we have had as we journey through and hopefully share some of the stories as we go through this process of transition.

The reality is that we are moving a matter of meters from the old to the new building. That does not mean however that any of the physical steps, communication challenges or hurdles on the way to the new space are any less significant.

At a recent Office Principles Seminar, Cyril Parsons was heard to invite the guests to join him in the new office building in August 2016. It will be the best example of agile working office workspace and offer to staff and visitors alike an inspirational place to work or visit in order to make decisions about office fit out and workspace design.

The reality is that it has taken over a year to get to this point… Buyers for the current space have come and gone. The varying uses they wanted to make of the current/old building have caused the sales to fall through for one reason and another. It is only now that we are in a position and ready to make this significant change.

So I invite you to travel with me, to travel with us through the coming weeks, I trust you will find the posts educational, informative and maybe at times amusing as you watch us take step after step in the moccasins of our clients.