What workers want from an office interior design

Your workers are the foundation of your business. Their comfort and well-being are important aspects in productivity and their focus is affected by your office interior design, so it’s essential to get this right in order to provide an efficient and productive workplace environment. Here, we will be taking a look at what workers want from their office.

Natural elements

Natural elements, or should I say Biophilic Design (The architecture of life), is the main thing workers want from an office interior design. A recent Human Spaces study shows that out of 3,600 office workers interviewed, the following were the five most wanted natural elements from a workplace.

Natural light (42%) Quiet work spaces (22%) A view of the sea (20%) Live indoor plants (18%) Bright/natural colours (15%)

With design elements and office furniture trends updating constantly, we often forget that basic requirements in office interior design are the most important. The study found that one of the main reasons workers want natural elements in office interior design is because they affect your mood; colours in particular. Our blog ‘Creating a Cool Office – Psychology of Colours’, goes into much more detail about how colours affect our mood in the office. Theorist Edward O.Wilson suggested humans and other living things have an instinctive bond to nature. This isn’t only achieved through spending time outside; it’s also achieved by bringing nature inside. According to Wilson, office employees want an office interior design that’s in a biophilic layout because nature improves workers happiness and health, leading to a more productive workforce.

It’s easy to see why natural elements in an office interior design are in demand. Many office workers lives are dominated by the city, with decreasing access to natural elements. However many yearn for more natural light, peace, quiet and the chance to be closer to nature.

Other things workers want from an office interior design

However, there are many other elements that employees want from their office. Music is one. According to a study published in the Musicae Scientiae in 2011, this links to employee’s welfare as listening to music at work improves your mood and relaxes you. The study also shows that listening to music in the office decreases the negative effects that work brings by relieving stress, but increasing concentration and productivity.

Another thing office workers want from an office interior design is inspiration. The offices of Google, Dropbox, Instagram and Asana are all highly inspiring. If you’ve seen any of them you’ll notice that they all have very unconventional office interior design. This isn’t to demonstrate the company’s power; it plays a massive role in company culture. Research at the University of Exeter in 2010 showed that people who work in office spaces decorated with artwork and pictures, are 17% more productive than those working in bare offices.

What can we learn from all of this? Because so much of our time is spent at work, it’s important that office interior design uplifts employees. Natural light and artwork can go a long way to boosting productivity.

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