How will the current political situation affect my office fit-out?

Following the indecisive result from last Thursday’s General Election, leaving the UK with a hung parliament brings with it a huge amount of uncertainty, but what does this mean for business and investment?

On the face of it, uncertainty usually means a period of “wait and see”, with business owners pressing the pause button on investment until the picture becomes a little clearer.

The double whammy of a hung parliament and potentially difficult Brexit negotiations would not appear to be the ideal backdrop for making medium to long term investment decisions, such a relocating or refurbishing office premises.

However, some projects must still go ahead due to leases expiring or other circumstances, in which case what are the driving factors for the business owners? Clearly cost will be high up on the agenda – how cheaply can the project be delivered because the business wants to retain as much of its cash as possible?

This is where leasing could be the answer. What better than a tax efficient method of financing the entire project without using any cash reserves. Lease rental delivers on both of the these, meaning the business can go ahead with the move or office upgrade whilst still keeping cash in the bank to cover any potential future uncertainties.

All in all, there may never be a better time to take up leasing as an alternative to paying cash. If you are looking at an office refurbishment or office relocation, then why not give Office Principles a call to discuss the possibility of leasing?