Working on the Move? Become a Digital DIY!

Technology has allowed many workers to leave the office and continue working elsewhere, leaving around 60% of the workplace empty. Flexible working has allowed employee’s to work from coffee shops, home, business lounges and on public transport by using their laptops and smart phones. All this technology is great but many people find it difficult to stay efficient when working on the move.

Here are some useful tips and new apps that will help you become a digital DIY

Worksnug – an app that shows nearby remote work locations and also reviews them based on Wifi quality, moise levels, availability of power and more.

iMeet – this intuitive app features web conferencing for as many as 15 users on smartphones.

GlobalMeet – an app that enables mobile workers to share presentations from a smartphone or tablet during a web conference or audio conference for as many as 125 users

InstantMeeting – This app enables your smart phone to automatically identify conference calls in your calendar, gets you in and dials the access code for you. Available for any platform – I-phone, Android and PC.

Box – for business users, Box is the ultimate cloud storage solution, featuring security options, collaboration tools and integration with CRM.

Dropbox – The ‘always-there’ cloud storage offering a simple, intuitive cloud interface for consumers. Dropbox means you have your files with you which ever device you are using.

Asana – a shared-task app for teams and projects that enables co-workers to view deadlines and milestones.

Evernote – this cloud based app means that your notes are synced across all your devices.

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