Black magick love spells

Black magick love spell


At times I, spellcaster Maxim, find emails from readers wondering why black magick love spells may have failed to work. These are questions about spells cast by third-party psychics and, therefore, these are not my clients but my readers or random visitors of my website who have never worked with me. Because I receive these questions on a regular basis, I decided to answer them in this article.

Once you’ve read the previous paragraph, you should understand what the main reason why magic spells fail is – it’s the fact that you hired a beginning spellcaster or maybe even a fraud instead of reaching out to me, an experienced and proven magician. Your magic service supplier, with zero powers and experience, took your money for something he was unable to do and then stopped responding to your emails and messages on social media pretending he didn’t know who you were, and then just disappeared.

Unfortunately, this is quite common. As soon as people show growing interest in something, there appear those who try to take advantage of it. Each blockbuster’s release is followed by multiple movies with a similar title. Every talented writer has a bunch of imitators who publish books which in fact have nothing to do with the famous author yet are signed by his name. All popular luxury brands have a ton of knockoffs costing the brands billions in sales.

Magic is no exception to this rule. Once a happy client leaves a positive review about a spellcaster who cast a black magic lost love spell successfully (clients leave only positive reviews about spell casters as skilled as I am), someone is sure to contact the client and find out the details and the amount the client paid for the magic services provided to the client, to start posing as this sorcerer. He’ll create a website and fill it with stolen content. Perhaps, he’ll also create a social media account impersonating that spellcaster and start looking for innocent and naive victims.

I, spellcaster Maxim, have written many articles about how to tell a fraud from a real spellcaster or a witch, so I won’t repeat myself. All the information about love magic can be easily found on my website. To not waste another minute of your time, I’ll just continue listing the reasons why magic can fail.


Black magic binding love spells


The second most common reason why love spells fail is when they are cast by people who are not psychics or sorcerers. Black magic binding love spells differ from all other love spells because they can’t be cast successfully unless the person casting them has had a special initiation.

White magic love spells are fundamentally different. To cast them, you don’t need an initiation but need to have some strong and selfless feelings for the target in your heart. I’ve described countless love spells on my website, and almost all of them are white magiс and only a few of them are neutral magic – these are spells that work based on sexual desire, mental compatibility and strong friendship. However, I’ve never given any instructions on how to cast black magic spells. I avoid black magic in my articles because I know it first-hand that it brings nothing but suffering and unhappiness to people.

The third reason is failing to do a tarot reading on the one you love. Tarot reading is essential for both, beginning and experienced spell casters. Tarot cards are what helps a spell caster find out that a simple, single-step love spell won’t bring the desired result. It can happen if the target:

- Is meant to stay single forever due to his or her karmic debt;

- Is meant to stay single forever because of a curse;

- Is in love with a third party;

- Is loved by a third party and isn’t aware of it;

- Is protected by a powerful magic amulet or talisman;

- Is born with Higher Powers protecting him or her;

- Has extremely high energy levels which prevent any alien influence;

- Is under the influence of a love spell cast before;

- Has an old love spell on him or her which expired but hasn’t been removed yet.

While these are all individual scenarios, there are some general rules which guarantee your failure if you try to put a love spell on someone. It’s prohibited to use love magic on pregnant women and women with children, people with mental disorders and terminal diseases, people who don’t know the spell caster in person, who are destined to be with someone else, who are in love with someone else, and, lastly, people who are being influenced by a powerful curse affecting not just one of their subtle bodies or chakras but their whole life, which is seen in people influenced by something as dangerous and powerful as a celibacy wreath.

As a matter of fact, maybe that’s why you’re still single. If you haven’t had a serious relationship in a few years and all your previous relationships have failed through no fault of yours, if you want love but are afraid of it at the same time, if you’re insecure in bed, if you make the same mistakes in all your relationships, you have to get examined by a magic expert as soon as possible. Perhaps, removing your celibacy wreath will solve all your problems and you won’t even need any love spells to find love and be happy.

A tarot reading may also show that the person your heart desires isn’t a good match for you and you’re going to put a love spell on someone who’ll make you unhappy, disappoint you throughout your relationship, cause you emotional and maybe even physical pain. What if you’re about to put a love spell on someone who’s about to have a very long string of bad luck? It means that you’ll live in poverty and maybe one or both of you will have to fight some serious diseases. If that’s why your love spell will fail, just thank Higher Powers for watching over you and keeping you safe.

Some love spells fail when clients fail to screen themselves for karmic knots. i. e. if you’re meant to find real love later in life and all you need to do is wait. Just don’t rush it. Another reason is when your karma wants you to fight for your happiness and doesn’t let you use easy solutions such as magic.

black magic to get love


To sum it up, here is what you should do to use effective and high-quality black magic binding love spells:

  • Learn how to detect frauds and imposters;
  • Don’t try to cast spells at home;
  • Read your horoscopes;
  • Weigh all pros and cons before you make a decision to move forward with your love spell;
  • Most importantly, hire an experienced spellcaster who has the powers to give you true love.
  • For example, if you let me cast a spell of black magic to get love or perform any other magic ritual, you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied with the results. I don’t need tarot cards to assure you that I’ll find ways to make your dreams come true. I, spellcaster Maxim, help people who’re allowed to use magic to their advantage (see above) and refuse service only to those don’t believe me or disregard my instructions.

    I’ve had clients who ordered love spells from multiple psychics and sorcerers at the same time or those who went to a tarot reader to make sure that I was doing my job well or, for example, that I performed the ritual on the day I promised to perform it. Once I feel any third-party esoteric energy, I discontinue my work because I consider it unforgivable disrespect to my work routine and principles. First and foremost, it’s very distracting to feel the presence of another psychic’s energy. But more importantly, when our energies merge, they can harm each other. Being a particularly powerful spell caster, I don’t want to harm my colleagues and possibly cause irreparable damage to their skills and abilities, so I just cut the ritual short (despite the fact that the client has paid the full price for it).

    Luckily, this happens rarely because the majority of my clients are well advised and never doubt my qualifications and professional competencies. They know I never mislead to them. If I say a simple love spell won’t be enough to give them what they want, they believe me and agree to use a more complex occult algorithm. I never try to talk them into buying services or products they don’t need. I value my reputation, while my magical honor and my good name are my greatest assets.

    If you want to order a love spell, you should know that it’s very easy. Just don’t be afraid to be happy and figure out what you really want and let me help you reach your dreams following the map you draw. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to remind you that your map can have more than one destination point that is Love. You can also add other destinations, including Marriage, Wonderful Family Life, Passion, Amazing Sex Life, Adventures, Faithfulness, Respect, etc.

    Just remember that the time to dream is over and now is the time to make your dreams, no matter how unrealistic they seem to you at the moment, a reality!