Agile working is all about creating a flexible and productive environment. By creating different working areas within the office you can ensure your staff have the complete freedom and flexibility to work where they want, when they want.

Our expert team has more than 25 years experience in the industry. They work with your existing culture to create an agile working space that’s perfect for you and the way your organisation works.

We are always researching the latest agile designs to bring you a unique and efficient office space that’s different from the norm. Providing your workforce with the freedom to make individual choices spurs creativity and intuitiveness, helps generate fresh ideas, and improves productivity and communication across different departments. With high-pressure, world-class organisations such as Google and Unilever utilising such environments you can be sure that your office interior design attracts the right talent, and brings positive measurable results to your business.

We have years of experience that we use to bring you a totally unique and customised agile working strategy; working with you to decide what will work for you, and what won’t. We understand and appreciate that each client is different and we always tailor our designs to suit each clients individual circumstances, so you can embrace the innovation of agile working spaces with confidence.

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What does an agile environment look like?

Agile Working is our own interpretation of Activity Based Working. It enables you to save money by focusing on what your employees actually do rather than which department they are in, as it provides them with office space that is flexible and adaptable to their needs and activities.

Activity based working in a building is really characterised by different environments, different spaces and different settings for people to either concentrate individually or to collaborate with a couple of people together.
Agile space can include:

  • Focus space
  • Collaboration space
  • Team meeting space
  • Relaxation space
  • Telephone conversation space
  • Concentration space
  • Inspirational space

An agile environment will provide the correct flexible office space for any activity in a workplace.

A workplace or office space can become more effective, flexible and efficient because it supports a dynamic rather than a static workforce. By eliminating desk ownership you can increase the population associated with a building or office.

By introducing Agile working environment into your workplace you can make up to a 20% property saving.

A typical company

agile working benefit diagram

This means that an agile office space refurbishment would provide a saving of between 15 / 20 % when compared to the traditional cost of an office refurbishment.