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In a world of start-ups, entrepreneurs and flexible freelancers – the demand for inspiring, coworking space design is bigger than ever.

Underutilised office spaces can become lucrative coworking spaces. If you have the building space, we have the ideas and the strategy to deliver an office fit-out that makes you stand out in the market.

Globally we have seen a dramatic increase in the past few years of the coworking movement, and the UK has been no exception to this. With a projected rise of over 12% in the next 2-3 years, coworking spaces are becoming an ever-popular feature in major cities across the UK.

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Creating a coworking haven

Wherever you are, we can turn your space into a coworking haven. From the research and initial coworking space design, to the office fit out, furniture supply and finishing touches. We create the ideal working environment which makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

Our strategic blueprint can be applied to multiple locations, so if you’re thinking of expanding your assets then we have the operational reach and expertise to deliver fit-outs in whatever location you need.

Office Principles understands the need to better utilise wasted space in your office and bring higher ROI on spaces that are often unused and neglected. We have been fortunate to work on several coworking projects up and down the country. Take a look through our coworking spaces document to understand each project’s unique journey and vision.

Superior project aftercare

We also stick around long after the work is complete, to monitor and ensure the asset continues to work for you and your member’s needs. Our fast response team will be proactive in post-occupancy work to ensure everything continues to work just as it should be.

Be inspired by some of our previous coworking office space design projects and get in touch with our team for a personal consultation.

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Coworking space design FAQ

How does a coworking space operate?

Coworking offices are shared workspaces where different companies work together under one roof. Due to the nature of needing to suit a range of requirements, elements you would expect to find include hot-desking setups, private meeting rooms as well as shared kitchens, networking areas and other facilities.

How does a coworking space design scheme differ?

Amenities, location and visual appeal are integral to any coworking space offering but design schemes can vary hugely according to the culture and brand of the provider. Our teams have extensive experience in delivering above and beyond the cookie cutter approach to deliver outstanding coworking spaces that perform.

If you would like to learn more, check out some of our previous coworking projects to see how flexible these spaces can be, as well as the benefits of owning a co-working space.

But rest assured with our extensive experience in office fit outs and office refurbishment, you’ll know that whatever you choose for your coworking space, we’ll make it happen quickly and efficiently.

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Office Principles has helped to make our Farringdon space come alive. The high-quality, striking design was everything we wanted and more.

Elliot Gold, Co-founder

Coworking Space Design Frequently Asked Questions

What is coworking space design?

Coworking space design refers to planning and fit out of shared work environments for individuals, remote teams, and companies to occupy flexibly.

This balances private work areas with opportunities for networking and community.

What is the process to coworking space design?

Our process includes:

  • Evaluating business objectives
  • Researching and workplace consultancy
  • Space planning for optimal utilisation
  • Selecting aesthetics aligned to brand
  • Furniture that enables flexibility
  • Building community-focused amenities

Office Principles collaborate at every stage to ensure smooth project delivery.

What are the benefits of coworking space design?

Benefits include monetising unused real estate, fuelling growth through collaboration, providing flexibility as business needs change, and building a community and culture that attracts talent.

Our coworking designs can help to boost productivity and member experience.

How much does coworking space design cost?

Costs vary significantly based on factors like office size, materials, furnishings, layout changes, etc. Office Principles provide customised quotes tailored to your specific project after learning more.

Our clients find the investment pays dividends through increased efficiency and employee retention.

How long does coworking space design take?

You can expect an average project to take 8-14 weeks for standard renovations up to 10,000 sq. ft., with larger projects taking up to 6 months in order to facilitate structural works and elements.

Office Principles take care to deliver on time with minimal disruption to your business.