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At Office Principles, we’ve been helping landlords maximise their buildings potential for 35 years.

We know that as a landlord, having an attractive, functional space is crucial for securing long-term tenants and maximising your return. So your property needs to make a strong impression, be flexible to tenants' needs, and have spaces that are optimised for productivity.

Our comprehensive landlord refurbishment services include full property consultations, office interior design services, minor touch-ups, major redevelopment, and built-to-lease fit outs. We work closely with landlords to develop tailored plans and meet goals.


more income earned for landlords after working with us.

At Office Principles, we know how to make spaces more attractive to potential occupiers, so you can get tenants in quickly, earn more and maximise your investment. Whether it needs a fresh look to give the building a new lease of life, an office refurbishment to make currently unusable areas more effective, or a complete office fit out to reimagine the space entirely – our expert team can fast track your building so it’s ready for market.

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We provide a range of landlord services

At Office Principles, we provide customised landlord refurbishment services to attract tenants and increase occupancy. From Core and Shell to Cat B fit outs, we create schemes suited to your audience.

Built to Lease: Our Built to Lease service provides ready-to-occupy fitted spaces for incoming tenants. We collaborate to determine open or closed layouts that maximise potential. Then build-out speculative fit outs tailored to your goals and ready for tenants.

Asset Alignment Enhancement: We take a consultative approach to understand your strategy and align enhancements to your goals. Our work supports objectives and optimises returns.

We’ll help you expand the lettable area and optimise your offerings. Unlocking unused potential and creating more leasable space.

Value-Add Services: Designing for ideal tenants increases rents and occupancy rates. We cost-effectively improve commercial properties to expand offerings and increase returns.

What are your options?

What are your options?

When considering a landlord refurbishment, you'll need to choose between CAT A, CAT B, CAT A+ and Built to Lease options. Our experience as a landlord refurbishment company ensures we are equipped to deliver the best return on your commercial real estate asset

  • CAT A - The core services to make the space habitable
  • CAT B - Creating a fully personalised, operational workplace
  • CAT A+ - Sits between Cat A and B - a "plug-and-play" setup
  • Built to Lease - Turnkey fit-outs tailored to tenants

Working with us

We will work with you to ensure the asset is optimised appropriately and along with Cat A+, our Built to Lease options ensure you have a quick and cost-effective office to take to market.

View our past landlord refurbishment projects and contact us to discuss your next project. Our expertise will help maximise your investment and get your commercial property leased faster.

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The completion of this major refurb at The Woods elevates our UK-wide office portfolio and also sees the building reclaim its rightful place at the heart of the West Midlands business community.

Tim Knowles, Managing Director of FI Real Estate Management

Landlord Refurbishment Frequently Asked Questions

What is landlord refurbishment?

Landlord refurbishment refers to the process of renovating or redeveloping commercial rental properties to enhance appeal, increase occupancy rates, fetch higher rents, and maximise returns for building owners.

What is the process to a landlord refurbishment?

Our step-by-step landlord refurbishment process includes:

1. Property consultation
2. Determining goals
3. Design concepts
4. Selecting a scope of works
5. Construction and enhancements

Office Principles collaborate at every stage to ensure smooth project delivery.

What are the benefits of a landlord refurbishment?

The benefits of a landlord refurbishment include:

  • Faster leasing with increased tenant demand
  • Higher rents and long-term tenants
  • Expanded lettable and usable areas
  • Improved building efficiency
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Maximised investment returns

How much does a landlord refurbishment cost?

Costs vary significantly based on factors like office size, materials, furnishings, layout changes, etc. Office Principles provide customised quotes tailored to your specific project after learning more.

Our clients find the investment pays dividends through increased efficiency and employee retention.

How long does landlord refurbishment take?

You can expect an average project to take 8-14 weeks for standard renovations up to 10,000 sq. ft., with larger projects taking up to 6 months in order to facilitate structural works and elements.

Office Principles take care to deliver on time with minimal disruption to your business.