Laboratory facilities are complex, technically sophisticated, and mechanically intensive.

Our specialist division Principle Laboratories delivers laboratory design and build solutions to meet the exact requirements of these types of projects.

We ensure every aspect of your laboratory fit-out conforms to all current relevant regulations ensuring your team’s well-being, productivity and comfort are considered as well as that energy efficient solutions are provided.

Our broad experience across the scientific, technology and innovation sectors, means we understand the intricate and exact specifications required to design and fit-out these types of spaces. Our team of specialists will guide the process to ensure necessary aspects are not only met, but that we deliver on all aspects of the laboratory fit-out to create an inclusive and inspirational space.

Be part of something

Being a division of Office Principles means we can leverage experience of some of the best talent in the industry, particularly when it comes to office design. Our workplace consultancy teams work seamlessly across sectors to ensure you get the best result and of course, as with all our projects, it will be delivered on time.

Full project delivery under a single contract

We want to deeply understand your business and what will make the project a complete success so we can deliver on the factors important to you – whether that’s creating energy efficiencies and meeting carbon neutral objectives or creating agile spaces with additional breakout rooms and meeting suites.

If you are considering a new laboratory facility, then we can also provide advice on the suitability of your chosen facility and what building modifications may need to be made to meet your chosen laboratory design. The industry knowledge and expertise from this division of Office Principles ensures the success of your project whilst always keeping health and safety at the top of the agenda.

Embrace the Future with your Laboratory Fit-Out

We understand this is a time of innovation and change for the industry as AI, robotics, digital technologies and changing energy sources shape the way we are designing our laboratories. Companies now need their lab facilities to attract and excite the finest talent. Our aim is always to create interchangeable and flexible working environments that are future proofed as your business changes and adapts.

Get in touch with our teams today and see how we could help with your next project.

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“It was a very very successful project that couldn’t have gone any better.”

“I feel like it really embodies our brand, it’s a fun and interesting place to work.”

“They get us, they know us, they understand us - we love working with Office Principles.”

“Office Principles really listen to us. They've been innovative.”

“Office Principles guided us through the whole process from the beginning to the end.”

“It’s a cool space, kind of retro - really what we were going for and Office Principles really helped us figure that part out.”

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