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Our specialist laboratory design and fit out team understands the intricate complexities and demanding technical specifications required of contemporary laboratory facilities.

Leveraging expansive experience across scientific, technology, and innovation sectors, we understand the meticulous details needed to design laboratory spaces successfully. Our laboratory fit out specialists partner with you through the process, not only meeting but exceeding requirements to create an inspiring environment optimised for your work.

With years of experience as laboratory fit out specialists, we deliver customised design and build solutions tailored to your exact needs, ensuring every aspect from workflow to mechanical systems conforms to current regulations and best practices. Your team's health, safety, productivity, and comfort are our top priorities.

As your specialised laboratory design and fit out partner, we handle all aspects from initial concept to completion. Our full-service approach delivers a seamless, streamlined process under one roof. Our design solutions focus on sustainability as well, incorporating energy-efficient systems and materials to reduce environmental impact.

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Laboratory design and fit out partner

As your specialised laboratory design and fit out partner, we handle all aspects from initial concept to completion. Our full-service approach delivers a seamless, streamlined process under one roof. With a holistic perspective, we can optimise all elements in unison, avoiding potential conflicts or issues down the road.

Being a specialist division of Office Principles means we can leverage experience from some of the best talent in the industry, particularly when it comes to office design. Our workplace consultancy teams work seamlessly across sectors to ensure you get the best result and of course, as with all our projects, it will be delivered on time.

Key considerations for laboratory fit outs

A successful laboratory fit out starts with deeply understanding your organisation's unique needs and desired outcomes. As your specialist laboratory design partner, our priority is delivering a space aligned with your priorities, whether that means creating energy efficiencies to meet sustainability goals, designing adaptable layouts for future flexibility, or optimising workflows for enhanced productivity.

Before designing your laboratory, we will have in-depth discussions to fully comprehend key success factors from your perspective. What will take the project from good to truly great for your team? How can the space best support your research goals and business objectives? What potential issues or risks do we need to mitigate? By taking the time upfront to thoroughly understand all aspects of your vision and requirements, we can craft tailored solutions to deliver the maximum value.

Embrace the Future with your Laboratory Design and Fit Out

We understand this is a time of innovation and change for the industry as AI, robotics, digital technologies and changing energy sources shape the way we design laboratories. Companies now need their lab facilities to attract and excite the finest talent. Our aim is always to create interchangeable and flexible working environments that are future proofed as your business changes and adapts.

Trust our specialist laboratory division at Office Principles to combine your aspirations with our technical know-how for fit outs that check every box. With health, safety and compliance needs at the forefront, we handle all details so you can focus fully on your work, not your workspace. Our commitment is bringing your vision to life with solutions customised for how you operate.

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Laboratory Design & Fit Out Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laboratory design and fit out?

A laboratory design and fit out refers to the planning, construction, and fit out of laboratory spaces.

This involves unique considerations around workflows, safety, equipment needs, compliance, and creation of environments optimal for innovation.

What is the process to a laboratory design and fit out?

Our process includes:

1. Defining goals and requirements
2. Space planning and lab layouts
3. Customised design solutions
4. Procuring specialised equipment
5. On-site construction and build
6. Commissioning and calibration

Office Principles collaborate at every stage to ensure smooth project delivery.

What are the benefits of a laboratory design and fit out?

Benefits include increased efficiency, more collaborative spaces, improved safety and compliance, employee satisfaction, flexibility for future needs, optimised environmental conditions for research, and spaces that attract top talent.

How much does a laboratory design and fit out cost?

Costs vary widely based on size, types of labs, equipment needs, materials, airflow considerations etc.

As specialist partners, Office Principles provide quotes tailored to your specific project requirements during consultations.

How long does a laboratory design and fit out take?

You can expect an average project to take 8-14 weeks for standard renovations up to 10,000 sq. ft., with larger projects taking up to 6 months in order to facilitate structural works and elements.

Office Principles take care to deliver on time with minimal disruption to your business.