09 January 2023

We’ve all seen that the office has undergone huge changes in recent years; having to advance further than anyone could have expected. As these continual rapid changes show no signs of stopping, how do we adapt and stay ahead? 

Agile working has been around for a while now however many businesses seem to need help with what this concept means. Simply putting an 'agile' label on a new HR policy doesn't mean you are operating an efficient, agile organisation. Adopting any sort of one-step process leaves you in the precarious position of being left standing; not attracting and, in turn, losing out on great talent.

It’s more important than ever before for businesses to embrace the advantages of agile working and the agile workplace. With flexibility and productivity at its core, an agile workplace can bring huge benefits to your company, ensuring you continue to grow with the ever-changing office landscape and not get left behind.

Workplace Utilisation

Companies that are spending money on under-utilised office space have to shift focus to making that space cost-effective. 

Though this sounds simple, implementing agile working results in a more cost-effective workplace in terms of office fit-out and occupational costs can free up office space for other work purposes.

Attract and Retain the Best Talent

Attracting and retaining the best industry talent is often the key to many businesses being so successful. Nurturing that talent and giving them that flexible work life balance makes individuals want to see the business succeed and be part of that wider cause.

Stimulating workplaces have been created to show employers they are valued and, as a result, highly skilled staff have remained loyal, staying longer and performing better.

Reduce your Office’s Carbon Footprint

We are operating in a time in which a large, eco-friendly magnifying glass is beaming down onto businesses of every size. We need to make sure that our workplaces are just as green and sustainable as the end-users who that occupy the space. With many people now more conscious and aware of the impact on the environment, making sure your business is doing its part will give you yet another string to your talent acquisition bow.

Designing and building a new agile workspace brings the opportunity to create a greener, and smarter, office environment. This can greatly improve sustainability, while reducing costs and a company's carbon footprint.

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Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Creating an agile, efficient and optimal working environment, where your team can feel energised and motivated, is vital. Nobody wants to go to work and feel like they’re not being productive. Giving employees the building blocks to be creative, productive and, more importantly, themselves is hugely important in today's modern office. 

Not only can a great agile office design strategy elevate productivity and morale, it can also help to promote and reinforce a corporate identity.

Increased Innovation

Agile work environments are the key to increasing creativity and innovation within a workplace. An effective office design can help to stimulate divergent levels of thinking by providing an environment that is conducive to team members’ needs, therefore keeping employees fully engaged at work.

A flexible working space also enables technology to adapt to the needs of the workers who use it. We’re now at a point where we are hyper-aware of the individual’s needs and giving space to individuals allows for growth in that person, not to mention the business.

How can Office Principles help?

We understand the journey you must go on to ensure your office is the right fit for you. Whether that's repurposing your space, moving into a new space or simply redefining your office, our experts can take you on this journey and eliminate the risk of getting it wrong.

Why not speak to one of our team of professionals today and find out how we can help you to get it right? If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about transforming your office into an agile workplace, get in touch.

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