Get office design right and you can improve productivity

There’s a definite correlation between office design and the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce that’s been proven in recent years, with a growing number of studies funded to assert this very point.

More and more companies are investing in refurbishments and fit outs, as a result of this link, while others are undertaking workplace audits, when planning their office move. All are essentially concerned with ensuring that they have secured and created the right space for their members of staff.

So, what can be done to make sure you get your office design right?

The following tips are worth considering to set you on the right track:

Do your research – Workplace research is vital to the planning stages. Knowing what space your staff currently use (and what they don’t use) will help when deciding exactly how much space you need. Also, by making sure that the office space will be used in the most efficient way possible, you can allow for future growth.

Consult your team – What makes your workers happy and how do they like to work? People like to be listened to so canvass opinion and find out what spaces each individual believes would be conducive to a better working environment. If your team has an input into the office design, they are more likely to ‘own it’ going forward.

Provide choice – We all work better when there’s an element of choice. Mixes of spaces and work stations allow workers to move around to suit their style of working. This may, of course, change depending on the task in hand and so providing different working areas throughout the interior office design – flexible meeting areas, quiet zones, booths and shared spaces etc – means that your staff can adopt a style of activity-based working which will enable them to be most productive.

Encourage a free flow of people – An agile working environment is designed to enable a free flow of bodies throughout the working space. This encourages collaborative working and information sharing while facilitating a smarter way of working, which positively impacts on productivity and fosters a true team mentality and shared culture.

Express your brand – Office design allows you to be creative and express your brand in a unique way. Here’s your chance to infuse colour and light into the workplace, making sure that the colours and designs that you choose reflect what you want to say about your brand and who you are.

Remember, if the members of the team are more happy with their surrounds, they are more likely to be productive; happiness and wellbeing are vital when it comes to good results.