23 March 2022

The Office Principles North team leads the industry with its ongoing commitment to showcasing the best design.

Paul Scott is the latest talented designer to join the Office Principles North team. As associate creative director, Paul will take the design lead on an assortment of projects, bringing his experience of high end offices, boutique hotels and luxury brands into play as he establishes himself in the role.

OP New Starter Landing Page Banner Sept 22 Paul Scott

With a reputation for designing unique spaces, Paul is adept at testing new concepts and is renowned for his standing as a disruptor of set expectations and established ideas. An expert at interpreting a brief, and concept and brand development, Paul’s work produces the most original and memorable of spaces that deliver a strong impact.

Paul is delighted to be joining Office Principles and is looking forward to learning from the team, as well as sharing his own knowledge and skill-set:

The established team in the North is one of the best in the industry so this is a great opportunity for me to work with like-minded people who have similar goals. I’m an advocate of seeing each new project as a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the end users. If you consider, the environments we spend our time in play a part in shaping our lives and many people spend a great deal of time in the workplace. This means our team has the potential to transform how some individuals interact and live their working lives. To me, that’s pretty amazing.

Managing director of Office Principles North, Gary Tailby is pleased to welcome Paul:

With an outstanding portfolio to his name, Paul is a bright and innovative talent, with a trained eye, who is expert at creating imaginative environments. His disciplined approach, extensive knowledge and artistic flair means that he can work well within budget constraints as well as on the more free rein, indulgent projects. Either way, we know he is going to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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