Published on:

21 September 2020

Updated on:

15 December 2023

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Cyril Parsons

Managing Director

Office Principles has recently launched a new specialist laboratory division of the Office Principles Group, Principle Laboratories.

In light of the current situation, many scientific, biotechnology, technology and pharmaceutical companies are raising their game - and it's vital that their workspaces are fit for purpose.

In short, there's a real demand.

An expert workspace requires an expert design and build company

It's essential that any design and build company undertaking a lab fit-out knows exactly what they're doing. It's team should be trained in the complexities and challenges of lab design and delivery and must be able to provide a bespoke technical service while taking a sympathetic approach to its client's needs.

More often than not there is a falling short of the lab team's needs as the decision-making board may not have considered the very special requirements of its workforce and is not designing to encompass well-being, productivity and comfort. There has to be a wholistic approach that is managed by a team of experts that can lead and guide the process in order to ensure that all such necessary aspects are met.

And that's where we come in.

No substitute for experience

Led by Nick Jones, an experienced laboratory designer and visualiser, our team understands the challenges of the sector and is keen to help those working in it to identify their own solutions and create smarter laboratory environments.

Laboratory design involves intricate and exact specifications due to the nature of the processes and materials being handled in these spaces, which often include chemicals and other highly flammable and toxic substances.

There is a keen initiative to make these environments more energy efficient for facilities and more sustainable for the environment to meet Carbon Neutral objectives. Industry knowledge and sustainable expertise need to be paired with a responsive approach to the wellbeing and comfort of the employees who will be operating within this workplace.

Addressing recruitment and retention

There is huge competition within the scientific, biotechnology, technology and pharmaceutical fields at the moment and companies are fixed on recruitment and retention and how to attract the best talent.

Other sectors have proven that the standard of the working environment and its facilities play an integral role in recruitment and labs are no different. In as much as the dedicated lab space is of importance, so are the other spaces that form part of the mix.

We want to differentiate ourselves from the perceived office refurbishment undertaking laboratory design and fit out and emphasise our capability and experience coupled with industry knowledge and understanding of these environments. However, many of our clients don't want a lab fit-out in isolation. There will likely be a requirement for supporting commercial workspace such as project write-up zones, showers and washrooms, breakout areas and meeting suites. We have the know-how and experience to deliver all aspects of the fit-out to create an inclusive and inspirational space.

There is a need for next generation lab facilities that will attract and excite the finest. Our aim is to create interchangeable and flexible working environments that future proof the design we provide and not just the technical.

We look at the whole.

Why Principle Laboratories

There are relatively few companies who can provide the full package for laboratory design and fit out, eliminating the prospect of duplication, split responsibilities and over-running costs. By procuring and co-ordinating a single solution, Principle Laboratories can deliver within budget and on time, regardless of the scope of the project. We look to create return on investment initiatives and reduce facility operational expenditure.

Laboratory fit outs require a more sensitive, specialised approach coupled with a strategy-based methodology and a sprinkling of great design and we can tick all these boxes.

Meet the Author

A founding partner of Office Principles, Cyril has over 30 years’ experience in workplace design and has been instrumental in the success of the business and its positioning as a leading workplace consultancy. An author of white papers and a renowned industry speaker, who regularly hosts his own popular seminars and webinars, thought leader Cyril’s book on office relocation and fit out, The Black Book, is currently on its fourth edition.