27 August 2020

The Office Principles team are now preparing a gradual return to our Reading HQ post the Covid-19 pandemic. Procedures have been put into place throughout the office space to ensure that staff are kept safe and that the Government recommended guidelines are being upheld. Desks have been moved apart where possible, and there are several desks which are not to be used in order to keep the two metre distance between employees. Hand sanitizer gel has been located throughout the office, with a consideration being placed on high traffic areas such as kitchen areas, meeting rooms and toilets. Our shared facilities (kitchen and office) are to be cleaned by all users pre and post use. The desks, screens and chair arms are to be wiped down when staff arrive and leave the office. There are specific one way paths to be followed through office which have been clearly marked with signage to allow everyone to move through the workspace safely. Our touchless coffee experience in our tea point area has been taken to a whole new level with the launch of TopBrewerVoice - a Siri enabled shortcut that allows the team to seamlessly order their favourite premium coffee using their smartphones rather than having to touch the shared iPad. With the inherent need to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria, touchless coffee enables us to deliver a reassuring and secure environment to our employees. We believe we have put procedures in place that will ensure our team and their families feel safe as we adapt to this new normal.

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