Published on:

14 September 2023

Updated on:

13 October 2023

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The global coworking space race is on!

Globally we have seen a dramatic increase in the past few years of coworking space, and the UK has been no exception to this. With a projected rise of over 12% in the next 2-3 years, coworking spaces are becoming an ever-popular feature in major cities across the UK.

For many, the pandemic was a struggle and shrouded in uncertainty. Yet, coworking businesses and spaces could thrive and grow with the new demands from employees wanting to work to a hybrid model, businesses having to downsize, and lockdown start-ups suddenly springing into life.

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"Under-utilised office spaces can become lucrative coworking spaces. If you have the building space, we have the ideas and the strategy to deliver an office fit out that makes you stand out."

Stephen Parsons - Managing Director

Coworking is seen to help with mental health, a topic everyone is or should be discussing in the workplace, and with reports showing that 89% of people who join a coworking space feel happier, they become a no brainer, right?

Office Principles understands the need to better utilise wasted space in your office and bring higher ROI on spaces that are often un-used and neglected. We have been fortunate to work on several coworking projects up and down the country. Take a look through this document to understand each project unique journey and vision.

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