Published on:

07 August 2023

Updated on:

07 August 2023

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There are plenty of documents out there on the various aspects of sustainability in design – product information, creative hacks, analysis of raw materials etc – along with general guides to sustainability in the built environment and specifics covering legalities.

However, not all these papers are written in laymen’s terms, with clear, straightforward definitions. To get a complete picture, you must delve around online; put together points of information that are specific to fit out and find direction on Government standing and where current expectation lies

With our Sustainability Design credentials document, we’ve sought to piece together the jigsaw for you.

Drafted for companies who are planning a fit out, Sustainability Design outlines everything you need to know about how to make a workplace more sustainable. From the correct accreditation recommended, and what is required, to how to achieve it. We’ve covered everything – including how we, or any design and fit out consultant, can help you to achieve an enhanced, greener space that is flexible, durable and a source of wellbeing and good health for the end user.

Coming from the position that sustainable fit out is a business choice and not just an ethical choice, we take you through the benefits of adopting certain practices. The circular economy allows us to cut greenhouse gas emissions and pollution and address climate change.By designing in a greener ideology that cuts out waste, reuses resources and regenerates nature, we are designing for longevity.

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Taking on the principles of the circular economy and applying them to the products that we choose, as well as the overall design, we can provide you with a long-term sustainable outcome that is cost-effective. It will provide you with the source of considerable savings over time.

When we launched our Sustainability Principles document last year, the main aim was to outline our environmental credentials and give clear and candid direction as to where we were at and where we were headed. The document talked about Office Principles’ accountability and what our intended strategy was.

Sustainability Principles was about us. Sustainability Design is about you.

This is the document that breaks down what you need to know, and what your company needs to do, to fly the green flag and provide a healthier workplace. We’ll still talk you through our approach and responsibility – we have a line of reference that applies to any of our fit-out projects and sustainability runs through it. However, Sustainability Design has been written essentially to guide you.

We cover which of the accreditations might work best for your fit-out and we’ve tried to do this with as little jargon as possible. We talk carbon efficiency, heating, lighting, ventilation, acoustics, water, biophilia design, sustainable development goals and the specifics of ethical and sustainable materials.

Looking to the future, we also outline considerations around the lifecycle of your building and its maintenance. The smallest detail can have the biggest impact and this new document is definitive; we’ve tried to cover every aspect.

If you feel we’ve missed a bit or there are points you’d like to discuss further, please just drop us a line or give us a shout. Your feedback is valued and most welcome!

Download our Sustainability Design document below