20 August 2020

As the staggered return to the office continues and the Government urges us to do more to get the workforce out of the home environment and back behind their usual desks, workers need their perks and treats more than ever before. With morale among workers hitting peaks and troughs in these trying times, the need to provide solace and incentives has risen. In fact, never have the added extras felt so pertinent as they do right now. Food for the soul and sweet treats No such thing as a free lunch? Now۪s the time to shatter that myth and let it be so. Order in those pizzas, make use of the Government eating out incentives and feed your team. The promise of being fed is likely to lure in the working from home brigade and get workers through the office doors on a more regular basis. There۪s also something really positive about meal sharing, in general. Those who break bread together are more likely to break through other barriers to connect and engage. Providing snacks, fruit and sweets for grazing is also a winner. The extra sustenance means that individuals won۪t bolt out of the door for refreshments and it also shows that you care. Making it fun Games rooms have become de rigueur for those who have the space however the fun doesn۪t have to be confined to the work environment. Employees can earn themselves an activity treat, whether that۪s a spa day, ten-pin bowling or a day at the races. The best idea is to let the team lead with their own suggestions as this really incentivizes and drives people to achieve their goals. If the activity is to be awarded to a group rather than to an individual, an element of surprise makes it even more fun. Each person can put their suggestion into a sealed envelope or a folded sheet to be pulled from a hat. Unlimited time off How about those who work hard get to play hard? Or at least travel the globe as a result of their labours. This can either be translated as holiday vouchers or it can literally mean you get the time off that you deserve, with no limit to how much leave you take as long as the work is done. And finally Most of us will settle for being allowed to be a grown up. Now is the time to let members of staff be responsible for how and when they choose to work, within the perameters of what۪s necessary. As long as the work is done and targets are met, workers should be allowed to work in the manner that best suits them. This thought was central to the agile working model, ahead of lockdown, and still stands true. A happy workforce is one that is not micro-managed but is allowed the freedom to deliver in the way that suits best.

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