17 March 2020

The threat of coronavirus has crept up on all of us and there۪s an air of general uncertainty on how best to proceed. We have to trust government guidelines however, given that there are companies in Europe and, indeed, across the world that are several steps ahead of us, it۪s hard not to try and second guess what۪s next. At Office Principles, we are doing everything we can to look after our employees and our contractors. Where meetings can be held via Skype or FaceTime, we are taking those options and the majority of our staff have the flexibility to work from home. Fogger Handheld Sanitiser We have also taken the extra step of investing in a fogging machine. This handheld sanitizer unit can be carried from room to room, and used in larger spaces, to ensure that the environment is sanitized after every use. It۪s perfect for meeting rooms, lifts, stairwells, communal areas, storage spaces and even the inside of vehicles. This highly effective, innovative model can also be used in lavatories, showers and wetrooms. We are regularly using the Fogger in our own office, and also on all our sites. This will ensure that we can keep our sites functioning for as long as possible. It۪s use is a way of providing an extra bit of reassurance to our workers, partners and customers that we are doing all we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus, to alleviate the risk and to carry on as normal. We hope it will offer some added peace of mind to anyone who uses our premises. The current focus We are also making sure to share all information with staff as it comes in. Our focus is on staying informed in order to stay safe and to review practice as the situation changes. We wish all our clients, suppliers and associates the best and that they stay safe in these unsettled time.

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