Published on:

10 January 2022

Updated on:

12 October 2022

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Nathan Watson

Development Director

What is the 'Office home'?

Creative Designer, Nathan Watson, walks you through his new concept of the 'Office Home'.

The 'Office home' is a new way of perceiving the office space and exploring what to consider when planning a new workspace.

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have blurred boundaries between work and home following the pandemic

What is the next step in this evolution?

It sounds simple, but the next stage in the process is bringing the best of both the traditional office and the home into one place, where coming to the office benefits the business and the individual.

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What will the future look like?

I believe the future is bright for office space. It's an exciting time to be in our industry and I'm curious to see what comes next.

As the article title suggests, I think we’ll see an ‘office home’ standard emerge from this; offices where employees are empowered to ask the difficult questions of their employers to help mould the workplace around their needs, places that encourage their use without the need to be encouraged to use them.

If you would like to find out more about how Office Principles could help you with understanding your workplace and how we could adopt this new way of designing spaces into your workspace, please get in touch today.

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Meet the Author

A lauded, lead creative who has been fast-tracked throughout his career, thanks to a passion for the intricacies in providing unique design work, Nathan has an illustrious portfolio which reflects his talent and the scope of his work. Nathan’s role is to lead the design team, guiding and influencing distinctive and exceptional designs.