5,000 sq ft




Software and Technology


8 weeks

Office Principles North has delivered the new headquarters of a fast growing logistics software company in the Midlands.
We have designed and refurbished 5,000 sq ft of first floor office space at Unit 2, Topaz Business Park in Bromsgrove, on behalf of Vigo Software. The fun and flexible workspace will facilitate the ongoing expansion of an ambitious and successful software business for years to come.
Vigo Software is an independent, privately owned UK business that has worked in the logistics software market for over 30 years. The company designs, builds and provides software and technology for the logistics, haulage, warehouse and pallet network markets within the UK. Vigo Software combines over 150 years’ experience of setting up, running and managing logistics and supply chain operations, with extensive experience in software development, and an obsession for understanding and developing effective logistic technologies. It services more than 3,500 users. Overview: Vigo Software is a rapidly expanding business that operates in an ever changing digital landscape. The company had outgrown its previous workspace and required a new headquarters in a central Midlands location. Whilst continually evolving and developing its offering, Vigo is also a business that is proud of its heritage; community, collaboration and connectivity have been the cornerstone of the company's success since inception. Our brief was to create a high-tech workspace that not only allows Vigo's team to work more efficiently but delivers a fun and inspirational environment for all employees. The project would coincide with a separate brand refresh and the development of a new website as part of Vigo's growth strategy. Project completion: We have created a flexible and interchangeable open plan workplace, characterised by its use of cutting edge technology including touch screens, write on walls and curved OLED displays. The design takes inspiration from the character of Vigo Software’s original headquarters at The Old Forge in Redditch, with a series of dedicated spaces for working, meeting and socialising. High-spec partitioning and sliding doors divide the workspace into flexible zones featuring traditional desk space, informal meeting areas and breakout rooms, and a scrum area with tiered seating. Employee wellbeing is at the heart of our design, including a green wall and biophilic design and planting, with staff encouraged to use lockable storage and male and female showers. The fun workspace also features corrugated metal panels in the reception and welcome area as a play on a freight container, reflecting the company’s heritage in developing transport software and hardware for logistics, haulage, warehouse and pallet network businesses.

We are very pleased to have delivered Vigo Softwares modern and exciting new HQ. Vigo is an ambitious business that is continually developing, so it needs a flexible space that will be able to facilitate its ongoing expansion. This is a high-tech workspace that very much looks to Vigos future but does so in a way that retains the sense of community, collaboration and connectivity that have been the cornerstone of the business since its inception.

Tina Batham

Joint Managing Director, Office Principles North

The success of the business meant we had outgrown our current premises. Our new HQ is in a perfect central location but we also needed the interior to reflect the innovative business we are today. Office Principles simply nailed the brief and created a workspace that not only allows our team to work more efficiently but provides a fun and inspirational environment for all of the team at Vigo.

Darren Cronshaw

Owner and Founder of Vigo Software