19 December 2019

In a year of market uncertainty, Office Principles has done incredibly well. We۪ve been able to report that turnover has doubled in the last 12 months, thanks to the success of our expansion plans and, with new offices opening in Manchester and Birmingham, we have a healthy forward order book to take us into 2020. A growing team Our head count has grown significantly according to the demand generated by the two new offices and we۪ve also invested heavily in the supply chain to accommodate this growth, working closely with sub-contractors to ensure our strong delivery record is maintained. We۪ve been lucky to attract great talent and these individuals are now playing a significant role in the success of the company as we take it forward and consolidate this record growth in new business. Triumph in the Midlands The new office in the Midlands has been particularly successful thanks to its team of top-level directors, along with its creative and technical designers, senior commercial surveyors and operations managers, who were able to secure immediate commercial success and then just kept on going. With most of the senior team already known on the Midlands commercial property scene, having been active in the region for some time, the Birmingham office has been able to build on the reputation, knowledge and expertise of these key players and the team is currently engaged across a selection of major projects as a result. Making our move on Manchester The hard work of the Manchester team is beginning to pay dividends and we now have some interesting projects in the pipeline coming from the North West. We were keen to invest in Manchester as, positioned as it is in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, it is constantly adding to its landmark commercial addresses and now sits as one of the most noteworthy business locations outside of the capital. We held one of our first regional seminars in our offices in Manchester city centre early on in the year and our speakers focused on the significant investment into the surrounding areas, the plethora of regeneration projects and the extensive property supply coming through. The ground is certainly ready and we۪re optimistic that we will have every chance of success going forward and into next year. Looking ahead We will be continuing with a fresh series of seminars in 2020 and are hopeful that attendance will remain high. We get a lot from these information-sharing events and they complement the ethos of Office Principles which is to keep moving forward and better understanding the changing nature of the workplace. Our continued aim is to provide the best companies with the best environments, and we look forward to a prosperous and busy next twelve months. Here۪s to a very happy New Year!

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