15 July 2019

Derby was where the culture was at last week. At accountant, Cooper Parry۪s revamped offices at East Midlands Airport, to be precise. A client of our Midlands team, Cooper Parry is viewed as an innovator and industry disruptor, having rebuilt the traditional professional model to influence and lead with a new style of working practice. And these guys certainly know what they۪re talking about ! Ranking 13th in the Sunday Times Top 100 Businesses to Work For and having been named best company to work for in Europe earlier this year, Cooper Parry is leading the way as both a brand and an employer in professional services. A lot of this comes down to culture. Who better to host a Culture Carnival? Cooper Parry۪s Culture Carnival۪ started with coffee and laughter therapy perhaps not so unusual from a company that professes to be people-led and has employee happiness at the top of its agenda. CEO, Ade Cheatham and chief people officer, April Bembridge took us through the Cooper Parry story and introduced the topic of culture and how it trumps strategy every time. They were followed by brand strategy consultant, Matt Davies who talked about brand being so much more than a logo and how to create a culture that people want to be a part of. Introducing our own Claire Stant, design director for Office Principles was up next, covering the broad topic of the changing workplace. Claire took us through how the workplace plays a vital role in enhancing and supporting great business culture which, in turn, supports success and growth. She also discussed various trends that are predicted to influence the office of the future. Later in the day After lunch, the 100 or so guests present were treated to a trio of workshops hosted by Tony Cosgrove, director at communications specialist, Masgroves, Cooper Parry۪s head of L&D, Emily Allen and Matt Macri-Waller, founder of software company, Benefex. These inspirational workshops covered everything from the future benefits of wellbeing to playing to your strengths and, of course, back to the main topic on the table why culture۪ is the bottom line issue we should all be talking about. There was also a talk on tech, using the Big Issue as a case study, and a sharing of the New World Trading Company story by CEO, Chris Hill before a final question and answer session and wrap up for the day. In summary What a great event ! It was an absolute privilege to be on the guest list and to have a member of our team speaking alongside such a dynamic crew. Here۪s to more events like this and, of course, a happy, healthy work life.

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