01 May 2019

A city marked by its youth nearly 46 per cent of the population is estimated to be under 30 Birmingham has its fair share of cranes and scaffolding dotting the horizon and is a place that positively oozes potential. Attracting billions of pounds worth of investment in commercial, retail and residential space, the stage is set for the City۪s bid to complete its regeneration, with developments including Birmingham Smithfield, Arena Central, Paradise, HS2 and the Midlands Metro extension. Big city, big plan Birmingham۪s Big City Plan۪ is, of course, well under way. This 20-year masterplan, launched in 2010, aims to increase the size of the city core by 25 per cent, improving transport links and proposing huge swathes of new development. Its vision and ambition are in keeping with a city that is billed as Europe۪s youngest city thanks to its citizens markedly low average age. No surprises that there is a healthy and active student base spread across Birmingham۪s canvass, feeding the workforce pipeline and providing yet another reason for global businesses to seek out a base in the UK۪s second city. Game on And, of course, in 2022, Birmingham gets to host the Commonwealth Games. This event alone is guaranteed to sharpen the focus and attract many visitors to the City and the region, bringing with it many benefits. The spotlight is most definitely on this rich and diverse city right now and, as both big corporates and small start ups take root in its centre, we have also chosen to take space here, to work alongside these companies and to enable them as they flourish and grow. Making space We۪ve landed on Temple Street, in the heart of the City. This is our first office in the Midlands and we are excited to see where it takes us. We۪re not taking anything for granted and are ready and prepared with a group of the most experienced and dedicated commercial property professionals including directors, creative and technical designers, senior commercial surveyors and operations managers who are knowledgeable about the city, the region and the market. Not only is this team in place to help best increase our market share in the Midlands. They are there to provide the best consultancy and service offering, fully understanding, as they do, this vibrant city۪s climate and what works best for each building and each company. Best practice can never be one size fits all. It۪s about accommodating each individual business, each individual office and every individual worker۪s needs. Birmingham, we۪re here !

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