Published on:

09 August 2019

Updated on:

11 December 2023

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Cyril Parsons

Managing Director

Stephen Parsons

Group Managing Director

Any company that wants to stay ahead, driving growth and increasing productivity, needs to start by considering the office as a valuable point of engagement.

To genuinely succeed, the working environment must appeal to all of the workforce, future and incumbent, across a greater mix of ages and skill-sets than ever before.

Measuring success: Case study one

Many of our clients have opted to implement agile working in order to get the best return on investment whether you choose to measure that success by productivity, staff wellbeing or attraction and retention.

We worked with leading out of home advertising company, Exterion Media on an office fit out solution that enabled it to increase its head count capacity by 50 per cent while reducing its space by 50 per cent, saving them over million in property costs per annum and over 10 million for the full course of the lease.

These great results were achieved by agreeing on the implementation of a new agile working strategy and design in the early stages of consultation. Workplace consultation studies were carried out which indicated that the previous space contained lots of wasted areas and was, overall, uninspiring, impacting negatively on productivity.

The new agile working model, with its activity based spaces and reduced amount of fixed desks, worked favourably on all levels, improving productivity by 32 per cent.

CS Exterion 02

Measuring success: Case study two

Such fantastic results were reflected in a second project undertaken for BDO.

The global accountancy and business advisory service had been occupying 19,600 sq ft but utilisation studies indicated that they needed much less than that for the staff to work efficiently. The overall square footage was reduced to 14,000 making a million saving over the 10 year lease period.

The investment in the early stages planning, surveys, staff interviews, questionnaires - enabled decisions to be made with confidence. The company has since reported a 46 per cent improvement in activity, again indicating that informed agile workplace design is the way to go in order to see a genuine and measurable return on investment.

BDO 005

Bringing disengagement to a halt

And then there are the immeasurable ways in which new office design and fit out brings a return on investment.

Staff happiness and the quest for wellbeing is a constant. If a member of the team enjoys coming in to work and is given choice in how he or she works, it makes sense that they will remain engaged and be more productive.

The level of wellbeing and contentment can be measured by a drop in sick days and absences, higher work targets achieved and staff sticking around for longer periods.

However, there's also something less tangible but just as valuable which offers a way to keep check a warmer and more harmonious atmosphere, improved interaction; not to mention, a lot more smiles!

Meet the Authors

A founding partner of Office Principles, Cyril has over 30 years’ experience in workplace design and has been instrumental in the success of the business and its positioning as a leading workplace consultancy. An author of white papers and a renowned industry speaker, who regularly hosts his own popular seminars and webinars, thought leader Cyril’s book on office relocation and fit out, The Black Book, is currently on its fourth edition.

A renowned consultant and motivating leader, with a 26 year career in the office fit out industry, working extensively across the UK and Europe, Stephen has an exhaustive knowledge of office fit out and a proven track record for delivering results. As Group Managing Director and a member of the Board, Stephen has overall accountability for the content of the work and the performance of the team.