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14,000 sq ft

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Banking & Financial Services

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12 weeks

BDO were looking to relocate to the 12 Floor of Thames Tower, Reading. After an exhaustive tender process, they hired Office Principles as workplace consultant, designer and fitout partner for this prestigious interior. The outcome of the workplace consultancy study was to adopt an agile working strategy which resulted in being able to fit into 29% less office space, and has taken BDO to a single floor plate. Our team of engineers and designers created an egalitarian new workspace that maximises the 360 degree views and uses the 4-meter-high ceiling and exposed services to maximise the square footage available. Key workspaces include a silent library for quiet work, acoustic hot pods for quick individual phone calls, a premium client meeting suite with a generous cafand work zones with a philosophy of everyone owns everywhere. BDO are a global accountancy and business advisory service. Watch the project video: