05 November 2019

We recently spent the day at Cooper Parry, Skyview offices, were we have carried out an office refurbishment. Cooper Parry are an accountancy firm with a difference. They look to Disrupt, Lead and Make Life Count۪. They have been hailed as the rebels of accountancy۪ and tend to fly in the face of convention. This is certainly true of the new workplace that we have designed for them in Derby, to help them revolutionise the way they work. Cooper Parry were looking to remove the more traditional meeting areas and replace them with a free-flowing co-working environment. Our first video takes you on a tour of the new office space, helping you to understand the unique design, and how the space has been used to enhance employee productivity. In our second video, we spoke to Ade Cheatham, CEO; April Bembridge, Chief People Officer and Partner; and Joanna Giles, Head of Facilities to find out a bit more about the new work space that we have created for them.

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