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12 May 2023

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28 February 2024

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Tom Parsons

Sales Director

Leah Owen

Business Development Director

The workplace is a crucial element of any business; it should be an environment that's both comfortable and conducive to productivity and, essentially, fit for all users and fit for purpose. Those looking to make a significant physical change to their workplace can go in one of two directions - office relocation or office fit-out. These two very different possibilities require some consideration.

Here, we explore the pros and cons of office relocation and office fit-out to help you decide which is right for your business.

Office Relocation

An office move can happen for many reasons:

  • A requirement for more or less space.
  • The desire to be in a better geographic location and access to transport networks for staff and customers.
  • Wanting a space that will better suit the brand and attract potential employees.
  • A change in landlord or tenancy agreement.

Regardless of the reason, there are advantages and disadvantages to office relocation that should be thought through before the final decision:

Increased Space

Growing businesses often require additional space as the business's scale and team size increase. A relocation allows you to take on more space to accommodate more bodies while adding to the facilities and room for storage and equipment.

Improved Location

Moving to a new location can make your business more accessible and provide you with increased visibility. A prime location can make a massive difference in attracting new customers and top industry talent. It can also appeal to existing staff, especially if it cuts down commute times or places them in a location with easy accessibility to restaurants, shops, bars and other amenities.

Modern Facilities

Most new offices come with high specification, modern facilities, including better connectivity and technology; meeting rooms and break-out areas. They also have the potential to earmark spaces for quiet working, chill out zones, down time and exercise. As we are constantly looking for ways to increase staff morale and productivity, these facilities can be viewed as key to improving the overall working environment.

Office Move and Relocation Cost

Office relocation can be costly, especially when considering those initial expenses, such as moving equipment, lease agreements, and redecoration. However, costs can be balanced against the potential benefits of the new location - not to mention the long-term savings that can be made if the building is more energy-efficient.


Relocating can be time-consuming. It can affect a business's productivity in the short term as employees require time to settle in and adjust to the new location. However, this is a one-time inconvenience. A pragmatic approach is needed to see that the potential benefits of a new location will almost always outweigh the brief period of disruption.

Staff Retention

Relocating isn't always great for staff retention rates, and there can be an immediate fallout if staff members have to travel greater distances, which adds to the cost and time spent on their commute. Some employees may find it challenging to relocate or see it as an opportunity to take a break and look for something different. Suppose you rely heavily on staff expertise in specific areas or have a tight-knit company culture. In that case, it may be worth considering ways to counter the negatives, like offering a more flexible working style for those whose travel time has increased.

Office Fit-Out

The flip side is to stay put and consider an office fit-out, which involves refurbishing or remodelling your office space.

The great thing about a refurbishment or fit-out is that it's easier to attach a smaller budget to as there's a huge spectrum for the type of work involved, from a simple refresh, with a coat of paint and new furniture, to a complete overhaul of the office layout and all its facilities.

As with an office move, there are advantages and disadvantages to an office fit-out:


An office fit-out can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to improve their workplace environment without the expense and hassle of moving to a new location. A fit-out can be easily tailored to budget, with options for refurbishing and changing the office layout.

Minimal Disruption

With the right fit-out partner, an office fit-out or refurb can be completed without significantly disrupting the business's operations. Work can be carried out around occupants so your staff can continue to do their work with the least disruption while the fit-out takes place.


Office fit-outs enable businesses to customise their workspaces to suit their needs and preferences. By reconfiguring and changing the office layout, revamping the colour scheme, and introducing new furniture throughout, you can vastly improve the working environment for your employees and make your business more attractive to top talent.

Limited Space

Office fit-outs often need to solve the tricky problem of limited space. Sometimes, no matter how creative your fit-out consultant is, there isn't enough space to achieve what you hope to or to accommodate your projected staff growth. In these instances, reviewing your decision and reconsidering relocation is better. It may be the better option.

Restricted Location

Office fit-outs come with the inherent commitment that you will remain at your current address for a while longer, which can be a disadvantage if the business needs to be in a more strategic location.

If location is a concern, turning your office into a destination workplace may be the way forward though it does come with an element of risk. As before, revise your choice and consult an expert to help you make the right decision.

Outdated Facilities

One of the key benefits of an office fit-out is that we can tailor the workspace to meet the needs of you and your workforce while future-proofing your office to allow for business growth. Providing you with a space that enables your business to grow is crucial if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.


As we've established, office relocation and office fit-out have definite advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one over the other depends on your current situation and your business's needs.

If space is a priority and your business can afford the cost and time associated with relocation, this is the best option. However, an office fit-out may be the best option if your business demands minimal disruption and cost-effective solutions.

Ultimately, the best solution for your business is to work with our professional team to assess your needs and goals and to develop the most effective strategy to achieve them.

And finally, remember: whether you choose office relocation or an office fit-out, the primary goal is to create a workplace environment that's comfortable, productive, and aligned with your business's values and objectives.

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