Published on: 26 January 2024

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Iyna Butt

People & Culture Director

At Office Principles, we strive to promote positive mental health and self-care for all members of the team. As parents, it's easy to focus so much on caring for our children that we neglect our own wellbeing. That's why we're proud to spread awareness about Parent Mental Health Day 2024.

What is Parent Mental Health Day?

Parent Mental Health Day was founded by the UK charity stem4, which provides mental health support for teenagers and young adults. It is a day to shed light on the vital importance of parents' mental health and its ripple effects on the entire family. The theme for 2024 is "Balance" - encouraging parents to reflect on the equilibrium between self-care and caring for others.

Parents Mental Health Day creates a supportive space for parents and caregivers to openly discuss stresses they’re experiencing, wins they’re celebrating in connecting with family, and exchange self-care ideas. The ultimate goal is breaking stigma, enhancing understanding of parents' needs, and equipping parents with strategies for coping and bringing more peace of mind to both themselves and their children.

Getting perspectives from our team

Parenting through modern stresses like pandemics and financial insecurity is undeniably difficult. But focusing only on the challenges faced can further perpetuate feelings of burnout and being overwhelmed.

That's why in honour of Parent Mental Health Day, we sat down with 4 parents at Office Principles to get their insight on both the struggles and silver linings of parenting.


Meet our team:

  • Jess Housego - Jess is a Furniture Consultant at Office Principles and mother of one.
  • Luke Wilkins - Luke heads up our Digital Marketing function and is a father to two.
  • Leah Owen - Leah oversees the Business Development team while being a mother of three.
  • Ronnie Hearn - Ronnie is a Commercial Director at Office Principles and a father of two

We asked each of them candid questions about their recent parenting experiences, self-care practices, and lessons learned through turbulent times.

Jess Housego

“As a working mum, it can be stressful managing a workload while also trying to be present for your child, especially after a tough workday. I make sure to deliberately prioritise self-care time. My own wellbeing allows me to fully be there. Regarding work-life balance, I believe employers should offer flexibility and understanding when employees need to focus more on their families. My favourite family ritual is simply spending present, distraction-free time together.”

Luke Wilkins

“A working father can be challenged to find time for meaningful relationships outside of work. Getting fresh air together through evening walks and bike rides helps manage my own mental health. True balance to me means no pressure to constantly check work messages during family time. We cherish coming together over a meal at the end of each day to unite, talk, and refuel as a family unit.”

Leah Owen

“It can be hard to maintain balance working full-time while parenting. Additional tasks like scheduling appointments can spur anxiety, exhaustion, and self-doubt about parenting. I cope through exercise, spousal help, candid work conversations, and dedicated family time. My work-life ideal means wholly supporting my kids' needs when necessary without work backlash. Our family dinner tradition involves going around, sharing our day's bright spots that we feel grateful for.”

Ronnie Hearn

“Prioritising both career and fatherhood can be a challenge, and sleep deprivation can hugely impact mental health and happiness. But keeping busy focused on silver linings rather than just difficulties keeps me grounded. My personal equilibrium means fully showing up both at home and at the office. I find peace in simple, daily family interactions like meals or playtime - the little things mean the most.”

The balancing act

The working parents at Office Principles provided transparent and thoughtful perspectives on the constant balancing act between careers, parenting, and self-care. All face their own challenges - stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and guilt can arise when juggling so many simultaneously crucial priorities.

However, the insight shared also highlighted silver linings and lessons that can apply to all caregivers. The importance of boundaries, flexibility, and understanding to show up fully both at home and at work. Small daily wellness rituals like exercise, quality family time, and practising gratitude enable resilience. And remembering that simple presence together means more than elaborate gestures can provide comfort during chaotic times.

In honour of Parent Mental Health Day 2024, we encourage all parents and allies to have grace for the struggles and find community in the shared victories. Our team will continue striving to make Office Principles a supportive, family-friendly workplace so that our employee-parents feel empowered in all areas of life.

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