9,505 sq ft




Pharmaceutical & Healthcare


16 weeks

Every project presents its own challenges.

Delivering three simultaneously within the same building understandably sounds like a tall order.

Yet by fast-tracking the completion of a major CAT A refurbishment and two CAT B office fit-outs at The Woods in Warwick, we’ve been able to deliver significant benefits for all parties.

And in the case of Alliance Medical, that has meant early access to a cost-effective, state-of-the-art workspace and the opportunity to influence landlord works in the process.

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Alliance Medical is part of the Life Healthcare Group and is Europe’s leading independent provider of imaging services.

In the UK, Alliance Medical delivers imaging services across 46 static sites and 64 mobile scanners. The company is a trusted and sustainable partner to the NHS, and also provides private healthcare imaging services.

Its goal is to help significantly improve outcomes in major disease categories, including cancer, neurological disorders and heart disease, for the benefit of all.

Just a few years ago, the only real alternative to traditional office-based working was a local cafe or coffee shop, which invariably meant that the office won.

It’s no secret that post-Covid, those same office spaces have come up against a new and formidable competitor: working from home.

The choice is simple, adapt your office space or face the consequences.

Companies like Alliance Medical have considered how ‘hybrid’ can work best for them and that has resulted in a desire for collaborative and activity-based workspaces, where people want to work.

Taken on its own merits, the fit-out of the firm’s new 9,505 sq ft workspace at The Woods was not especially daunting, but what made this project unique was what was being delivered within the same building.

Work was already underway on reimagining the 70,000 sq ft former IBM Campus as a flagship CAT A development across two-storeys. A second project, on behalf of prospective new occupier, Quanta Dialysis Technologies, was also in the pipeline.

Office Principles North would have to fast-track the delivery of both CAT B refurbishments, delivering them in parallel with the landlord works and completing all three at the same time.

All during one of the hottest British summers on record.

Alliance Medical has taken receipt of a fresh and exciting activity-based space, which will allow its staff to work in ways which best suit their needs.

Large, open plan and collaborative workspaces neatly dovetail with private pods for focused work, there are new meeting spaces and there are more conventional cellular desking layouts too.

Visitors are greeted by a vibrant and welcoming reception area with large-scale branding and can choose from a range of seating and furniture options, including a standout long table for group meetings.

Exposed services and feature lighting give the space a modern, industrial look, which is softened by extensive planting to make the space feel more natural and alive.

Office Principles North worked collaboratively with Alliance Medical, Quanta Dialysis Technologies and landlord, FI Real Estate Management to develop an exceptional two-storey office space, alongside the design and delivery of two bespoke fit-outs.

It has enabled both Alliance Medical and Quanta Dialysis Technologies to exit their previous tenancy agreements on time and take residence in an exciting new space, shaped to their respective specifications.

We’ve also achieved significant environmental benefits too, vastly reducing the level of waste typically associated with the delivery of new configurations following landlord works.

We’re thrilled to have delivered two fit-out projects for companies that do such important work in the healthcare space. Both companies will benefit from modern, fit-for-purpose work environments that will accommodate hybrid working, foster collaboration, and support their continued development. “It has been a huge challenge to combine the delivery of a major landlord refurbishment and CAT B works at The Woods. By managing all three projects simultaneously, we’ve delivered environmental benefits, as well as significant cost savings to both new occupiers.

Tina Batham, Joint managing director of Office Principles North