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54,000 sq ft

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Banking & Financial Services

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28 weeks

OneFamily partnered with Office Principles to help them to make their offices more efficient. OneFamily have over 500 staff and occupy seven floors in Brighton. They realised that their office layout was not helping their staff to collaborate effectively or be productive. Office Principles undertook a workplace consultancy programme which included several utilisation studies and audits to work out exactly how OneFamily were using their space. This really helped to formalise the design process, and enabled us to design an office that would reengage with the staff. The refurbishment had to take place whilst the building was occupied, and the business remained functioning. This provided a major challenge to Office Principles, and meant that an extra layer of programming and phasing had to be added into the project to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The result is a stunning new office which really conveys the OneFamily brand through large wall graphics. One of the floors has been totally dedicated to a large cafand breakout area which is constantly used by the staff, not only for eating and relaxing, but for meeting and collaborating as well. OneFamily is a financial services provider. It is a mutual society and as such has no shareholders, and is instead owned by its two million members.