Office Space Calculator

Our space calculator is a brilliant tool that allows you to undertake a preliminary assessment of your space needs. It is not a substitute for requesting an Office Principles consultant attend your offices and provide professional advice on your requirements (without any obligation). However it is a great guide to enable you to anticipate your requirements for office space and to relate this to an overall average space per person.

If you have any queries or would like a consultant to provide you with some guidance as to how to use this tool to best advantage, please call 0118 913 1811 and ask for Lee Parsons.

Section 1 How many people do you wish to accomodate? Total: (average)
Offices Individual Offices Open-plan desks(or shared offices) Hot desks (visiting employees)
People without a permanent desk
Section 2 How many meeting/training/general purpose rooms do you need? Total: (average)
Rooms Large Up to 25 people Medium (Up to 12 people) Small (Up to 8 people)
Interview Rooms
Section 3 What General Facilities do you need? Total: (average)
Main Reception Large (3 receptionists & 20 guests) Medium (2 receptionists & 10 guests) Small (1 receptionist & 6 guests)
Comms / Server Room Large (Up to 30 racks) Medium (Up to 15 racks) Small (Up to 5 racks)
Filing & Storage Rooms Large Medium Small
Copy & Print Areas Large Medium Small
Kitchenettes or Tea Points Large Medium Small
Cleaners Cupboards Large Medium Small
Cloak Rooms Large Medium Small
Shower facilities Large Medium Small
Section 4 What employee welfare facilities do you wish to provide? Total: (average)
Breakout Areas Large Up to 20 people Medium (Up to 10 people) Small (Up to 6 people)
Full-service Restaurant Large Medium Small
Gymnasium Large Medium Small
Sick Room / First Aid Large Medium Small
Multi-faith Room Large Medium Small
Section 5 Have we forgotten anything? Total: (average)
Area One Quantity Size
Area Two Quantity Size
Area Three Quantity Size
Area Four Quantity Size
people Total space required:
ft2 Average
ft2 Generous
ft2 Minimum
m2 Average
m2 Generous
m2 Minimum
ft2 per person
m2 per person

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