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8 weeks

Our Midlands team, led by Gary Tailby and Tina Batham, have moved into a new regional headquarters in Warwickshire.

In consultation with all members of the local team, we designed and delivered our own human-centric office fit out, incorporating industry-leading technology.

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Based at Coleshill Manor Business Park, Garden Six is a standalone building that will support our ongoing expansion in the Midlands. The building benefits from its proximity to the M42 and M6 motorways but its overwhelming appeal lies in its green, semi-rural surroundings. We wanted to provide a destination that was built around both the needs of our people and clients, allowing them to feel at home when they’re at work.

Led by senior designer, Natalie Wilson, we conducted a wide-ranging survey to ascertain what our people wanted from the workplace. Our design was unquestionably influenced by the shared experience of coronavirus lockdown, with a desire for multi-functional and communal spaces to work, eat and chat. Having worked in the confined space of box rooms and kitchens for almost a year, we had to come to the view that nothing would be the same again.

The project has delivered an engaging and collaborative environment that places wellbeing at its heart and visualises a very different life at work. The highly flexible design allows the office to be easily reconfigured into multiple layouts, suiting formal and informal occasions. Visitors are greeted by a welcoming entrance and kitchen area that reflects the culture of the workplace and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

A light, spacious and relaxing lounge area invites users to meet and work informally, with large windows offering views of the gardens and planting outside.

The versatile and cleverly designed boardroom, provides space for more formal meetings and is equipped with movable tables, allowing it to be easily transformed into an auditorium or yoga room. There are areas for collaborative work, with acoustic panels softening the noise and allowing for spaces to be opened or closed off as required. Private phone booths offer quiet space for discreet conversations and focused work.

Technology figures prominently, with features including a sliding whiteboard and interactive AV unit, allowing teams to share screens wherever they are in the office and removing the need to work in close physical proximity.

Non-traditional desk areas promote flexible working, removing any sense of hierarchy and enabling people to feel more aligned with their colleagues.

Themes of sustainability and wellbeing are reflected and celebrated throughout, with a use of materials that reflects the external environment at Garden Six. Natural timbers, soft colours and soft furnishings are complemented by biophilia, with light grey concrete-effect flooring, mirroring the paving outside.

The result is a warm, efficient and highly effective physical space that people enjoy spending time in. A working environment that doesn’t feel like it’s work at all.

We’re incredibly excited to move into new premises in the West Midlands. We have consulted with our people in creating an impressive workplace of the future, that allows them to work in whatever way they are most productive. Investing in well connected new premises close to the motorway network, will enable us to capitalise on a growing workload and support our clients UK-wide.

Gary Tailby, Managing Director

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