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10 weeks

We have transformed a vacant 18,000 sq ft office space into an opulent, boutique-style headquarters for one of the UK’s fastest growing fashion brands.

Building One at Manchester’s Think Park has been reimagined as a modern, stylish and inviting workplace - all in just 10 weeks.

Perfectly aligned with Club L London’s brand, this design and fit out delivers a creative space for an ever expanding workforce. And a platform to attract the brightest minds in fashion retail.

Club L London was founded in 2007 by Katie Randev.

It offers consumers a choice of premium long-lasting styles, trend-oriented collections with a modern twist and statement designs, in an otherwise saturated market of throwaway fashion goods.

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Club L London continues to grow apace.

Nearly twenty times as big as it was two years ago, the ambitious online fashion retailer chose to relocate from its existing premises at Parkway Business Centre in Manchester.

As you might expect of a brand that has built its success on creativity and premium styles, its team had a clear vision of what they wanted from a new office space.

It needed to be exciting, dynamic and luxurious but it also had to be practical and flexible enough to accommodate future expansion.

Our main challenge was to translate that vision into a solution that was commercially viable.

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Project completion

We’ve designed and delivered an effortlessly luxurious boutique-style workspace at Club L London’s new HQ in Manchester.

Catering for as many as 100 employees, this CAT B design and fit out creates an environment where people love to work and influencers want to be seen.

Reflective of Parisien fashion culture, it’s a timeless space that takes visitors on a creative journey from the moment they step out of the lift.

At its centrepiece is a standout bar area and events space, blending traditional and modern elements such as a state-of-the-art digital campaign screen, to deliver a stunning arrival experience.

Multi-functional areas maximise available space, providing a combination of high-end private meeting rooms, collaborative luxury lounge areas and entertainment spaces.

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There is an in-house creative content and design studio, an Apple style ‘Genius Bar’ IT workspace, as well as a boutique area for design, with luxury fitting room suites.

The CEO’s office contains an elaborate mix of materials with an added touch of luxury-leather embossed panelling, all in a neutral palette that ties the design together.

Highly practical, the workspace houses industrial display railings for trialling garments, a modern day design resource area, which includes a ‘sign-off’ snug, as well as purposely designed storage spaces.

The workplace is characterised by premium finishes with wooden and gold accents bringing warmth, and new lighting, full height windows and an extensive use of greenery adding vibrancy and colour.

Existing furniture has been cleverly reused, while there is large wall mounted imagery including the fashion retailer’s signature signage.

Offering an array of different canvases to work from, this is an office space that works the available budget, incredibly well. It’s sleek, sophisticated and shows that with the right design team in place, you can achieve the office space you really want.

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We’ve loved working in collaboration with Katie Randev and the team at Club L London. They had a very clear creative vision from the outset of the project, which meant that much of our work was in translating those ideas into a stunning workplace design that was commercially viable. This is an ‘influencer centric’ destination that staff and visitors are excited by. It not only provides a fittingly stylish and practical home for Club L London’s growing workforce but supports its efforts to attract the brightest young minds in fashion retail too.

Tina Batham, Joint Managing Director of Office Principles North

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This is the second time in as many years that we’ve needed to move offices due to growth. We’re now nearly twenty times as big as we were two years ago and this new office gives us the perfect space to grow into and help us achieve our future ambitions. We wanted to invest in a stylish and inspiring office space to align with our brand, and one that our teams will love coming into each day.

Katie Randev, Founder and CEO of Club L London