23,000 sq ft




Pharmaceutical & Healthcare


18 weeks

As interior office design and fit out specialists, we can apply our skills to almost any setting. Just ask Quanta Dialysis Technologies.

We’ve delivered its new Warwick premises, combining top quality headquarters office space with state-of-the-art laboratories.

The result is a practical and dynamic workspace that allows the company behind a revolutionary portable dialysis machine, to test its vital medical equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quanta Dialysis Technologies (Quanta) is an award-winning medical technology company committed to making kidney care more accessible to every patient, in every setting.

The company’s Quanta Dialysis System is a modular and powerful solution that provides the clinical versatility needed to deliver dialysis care across multiple settings. As a portable device, it is designed to be operated by a broad range of users to bring dialysis directly to patients.

Quanta made the decision to relocate its premises to The Woods, the former IBM campus in Warwick that was being reimagined as a flagship CAT A office development.

We had already been appointed to deliver the refurbishment of the premises on behalf of landlord, FI Real Estate Management and were also chosen to lead a CAT B refurbishment in the building on behalf of one of its other new tenants, Alliance Medical.

By designing and developing Quanta’s new workspace too, we could deliver significant benefits for the client in terms of influencing landlord works and providing early access to the new space.

The challenge was to fast-track and simultaneously deliver three separate projects within the same building to a tight deadline.

One of the most impressive aspects of Quanta’s new workplace is the detail you can’t see.

Under its flooring is a drainage system that is enabling the company to run and test up to 148 individual dialysis machines in the building, every single day.

To put that into perspective, Quanta’s reliability test centre uses 270 litres of water per minute to replicate how its machines work in a live environment. Hosed down, serviced and tested, these machines are a lifeline to the people and hospitals they are subsequently transported to.

Due to the huge volume of water used in operation, we’ve installed a reverse osmosis water system to remove impurities such as heavy metals from the vast amount of pipework that has gone into the building. Stored in large tanks, it serves all of the building’s labs - and there are many.

A mix of clinical and non-clinical areas, static safe environments and thermally controlled rooms, Quanta’s new HQ includes a variety of bespoke spaces for specific purposes.

There are reliability, electronics and microbiological sampling labs, climate chambers, an innovation room, repair centre and a room for clinical inspection. Of the more conventional workspaces, there is a boardroom and meeting rooms, as well as spaces that enable teams to work collaboratively.

Other features include a compressed air system, electrostatic flooring and climate chambers which allows for the testing of machines under extreme conditions, from -50 to 50 degrees celsius.

We’ve also added a functional loading bay with two dock levellers, making the delivery of dialysis machines that bit easier.

We’ve successfully created a working environment that gives Quanta the opportunity to test its machines, practice on them, clean them and repair them. And by delivering the works in parallel with the CAT A refurbishment of the building, we’ve also been able to interpret some of the mechanical and electrical requirements to suit the layout of Quanta’s new headquarters too. It has been an intense journey but a hugely rewarding one during which we’ve overcome some unique challenges. We have enjoyed a really good relationship with Quanta which has been strengthened by good communication, including weekly meetings and workshops. It has meant that decisions have been made quickly and effectively, which is reflected in the quality of the completed workspace.

Adam Mattimoe, Construction Manager at Office Principles North

We are thrilled to be relocating our corporate headquarters to The Woods. The new space supports our continued growth and fosters a collaborative work environment. We look forward to this exciting chapter and to welcoming employees and customers to the new space.

Alejandro Galindo, Quanta CEO