Activity Based Working is a philosophy to make work more effective and efficient, but also more enjoyable for both the organisation and the employee.

This vision is realised by focusing on the employees and giving them the freedom (within boundaries) to decide for themselves how to work, where to work, when to work, the tools to use and with whom to collaborate to get their work done – all focussed on the best outcome for the client.

Activity Based Working is a concept which recognises that through the course of any day, people engage in many different activities and that they need different types of work settings to accommodate these activities. Generally speaking, fixed workplaces are actually used for only 50% of the time, and that’s a huge waste, not just in terms of square metres and sustainability, but also in operating costs.

Activity Based Working says goodbye to unnecessary rules and procedures, permanent workplaces and to rigid working hours. Activity Based Working promotes knowledge-sharing, faster and better collaboration and personal accountability. It is an approach that encourages entrepreneurship. These aspects make work more enjoyable and more challenging – ultimately, improving productivity and professional service to clients.


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