20,000 sq ft




Software and Technology


16 weeks

Every space has potential, our challenge is to create an office interior design that fulfils it.

DiGiCo’s new home in Chessington has been transformed from two unloved light industrial units into a dynamic workplace, alive with the energy that befits one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital audio solutions.

The Distillery delivers a memorable experience in every one of its multiple spaces, enabling its people to work, test and play together.

DiGiCo is part of Audiotonix, a global market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of professional audio mixing consoles.

Audiotonix comprises ten award-winning brands covering a diverse range of professional audio markets including live events, broadcast, music studio, corporate AV and DJ.


Silverglade Business Park is the perfect location for DiGiCo - around a mile north of the M25 and lying roughly equidistant between Gatwick and Heathrow airports, it offers the connectivity needed to service some of the world’s biggest music and entertainment events.

So when DiGiCo required a space large enough to accommodate its growing team, it chose to move to new premises on the same estate, doubling its square footage in the process.

The catch? The building - known as The Distillery - required a significant amount of work and imagination, including an extensive strip out.

We would need to find a way of reconfiguring a largely disconnected building in order to meet our client’s vision for an office refurbishment capable of bringing its ‘one family’ together - and portraying an image that reflected its incredible role in national and international events.

It would need to house everything from breakout areas to purpose-built demo facilities, and we would have to make the very best use of the available budget to achieve it.

Transforming The Distillery into a modern, vibrant workspace that meets DiGiCo's needs has been an exciting challenge. We had to completely reimagine how to utilise the space, overcoming restrictions through clever design. The end result is a unique, cohesive environment that reflects the energy and spirit of the DiGiCo and Audiotonix brands.

Jo Jenkinson, Design Director

Project completion:

The Distillery is a modern, multi-use building that packs an incredible amount of ideas into one, cohesive space.

It wasn’t always like that. Even for experienced, award-winning office fit out designers, it was initially challenging to understand the potential of this particular building.

We’ve overhauled the space, carrying out a comprehensive strip out and the removal of a huge amount of obsolete materials. It has paved the way for the delivery of a bright, dynamic and collaborative workplace, buzzing with energy, that elevates the impact and image of the DiGiCo brand.

On the ground floor is a series of predominantly client facing spaces, including distinct rooms for training, R&D and demonstrations - with a purpose-built Zintec steel cage for product testing.

Rooms are reached via a vast corridor space and we’ve even installed hospital doors to enable kit to be reeled in from the rear of the building.

New ramps ensure good floor transition and a new double door set gives visibility into the revamped reception space, which is visually related to other parts of the building in a way that had not been achieved before.

A large and lively breakout area enables people to come together for client events and staff socials. It features an upgraded kitchenette, end of journey facilities and musical memorabilia - including a mixing desk used on an original Elton John track.

The space makes full use of the double height ceiling at the far end of the ground floor, which at 4.5 metres high, provides the ideal setting for a new, central island unit, with rigging and feature graphics, recreating the thrill of being at a live gig.

A new staircase has been punched through at the edge of the mezzanine level, providing a seamless connection with the building’s first floor. By installing desks on the inner part of the space, we’ve retained glazing to office and boardroom areas, maximising natural light and overcoming the challenge of an especially narrow floorplate.

We have combined new and recycled furniture from lounge, banquette and booth seating, to high tables and lower, family benches.

Collaboration with DiGiCo’s in-house graphics specialist has led to the installation of eye-catching imagery such as a view of London’s Olympic stadium in the new boardroom. Framed by a new central table and circular lights above, it creates the effect of almost being inside the arena itself.

Lighting plays an important role throughout the office. Feature lights luminate the reception space, while dimmable lighting enables subtle changes in atmosphere to suit the occasion.

Paints have been used as a clever means of enhancing the user experience without breaking the budget. Varying colours and textures combine to create a moody, more masculine tone that works effectively with the industrial fabric of the building. By contrast, the addition of soft curves brings an organic, informal feel in parts.

As with all spaces we deliver, sustainability is evident throughout - from the use of SKA compliant products to the reuse of materials such as ceiling tiles and much of an existing air conditioning unit.