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9,000 sq ft

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Marketing & Media

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6 weeks

When Emarsys decided to relocate to new offices at Focus Point, London, they turned to Office Principles to guide them through the project. Emarsys are a leading global provider of marketing automation software, and have a fast growing, dynamic team of people. Their staff tend to have a younger demographic and enjoy a higher level of social interaction. It was really important to Emarsys that the new office design was highly creative, to provide an interesting place for their employees to work. They asked Office Principles to design an office that was fun, collaborative, and had a good use of colour. The result was an open plan office design that blurred the lines between corporate, exciting and colourful. Staff can enjoy the large breakout area which doubles up as meeting and collaboration space. Height adjustable desking and meeting booths in the office allow staff to work in a way that suits them."