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12,000 sq ft

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Marketing & Media

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8 weeks

Jive Software was looking to create a stunning new HQ in the UK. As a leading company specialising in social platforms for business communication and collaboration, they needed a workspace that would inspire and motivate their employees. Office Principles produced an outstanding design for the 12,000 sq ft of new office space in Thames Valley Park, Reading. When you first enter Jive Software, you step into the xperience Zone, an environment where Jive can demonstrate their enthusiasm for their products. We sought to reflect Jive Softwares quirkiness and spirit as we conjured up an area that staff and visitors will remember and want to keep coming back to. We blended the natural warmth of wood and the human element of images of persons to give a close ive family relationship to a corporate space. We even created the iconic hink Tank Bubble Counter to keep those new iverous ideas rolling!