5,000 sq ft




Property & Coworking


13 weeks

Start-up firm Work + Play, is dedicated to creating subscription office spaces which confidently blend work and leisure atmospheres.

Situated in the bustling Finsbury Park neighbourhood, Office Principles London-based team has delivered its quirky new 5,000 sq ft coworking workspace.

An unconventional, up and coming design consultancy, Work + Play composed the coworking concept during last years Coronavirus lockdown.

When it comes to prioritising positivity, wellbeing and health in a work environment, this company is a serious contender.

Attentive to fashioning “unique, healthy, productive, and visually awesome spaces that support individuals and local communities”, Work + Play strives to orchestrate the perfect work/life equilibrium, starting from the office outward. The company was founded by two cousins, Freddie Scobey and Tobias Batkin, who are out to revolutionise high street businesses, increase employment happiness, and build up local communities. A flexible, spacious, and relaxed environment, their new interior in The Cottonworks development on 111 Seven Sisters Road is the epitome of the founders’ vision. Working alongside Eden Project Management and the architects, Austin Knox, we endeavoured to turn the ground floor area into a CAT B fit out, kitted with a tranquil lounge section, relaxed coffee and bar space, and designated domain for recreational activities. Following the aims of Work + Play, we set out to offer an interior which outdid the ‘working from home’ experience but that included accessibility to the activities and practises needed to destress the worker from their toil. Combining three former retail units into a single, modern working space and members club, we wanted to realise our client’s goal to involve users in fitness activities. Including a high-performance Scanomat coffee machine, informal, café style seating and privacy booths, the lounging and beverage areas coexist with professional desking. Whilst exhibiting touches of formality, the industrial layout of this office space encourages its users to participate in exercise, classes and events to stimulate a healthy mindset. This is evident through the customisable recreational area which can host HIIT and pilates classes, speed networking, life drawing and even puppy yoga. Moreover, the flood of daylight allowed into the workspace by full height glazing extends the inhabitant benefits via access to vitamin D and sunlight. It is a sphere which attends to the employees working within it.

Work + Play is the first coworking concept geared towards the ork from home crowd, that focuses equally on work and play. At its core, its about refusing to return to the unnatural work habits of the past. Our first location in Finsbury Park offers a unique take on coworking and has been meticulously designed by award-winning architects to be a combination of work and home comfort. The space aims to support people in achieving balance by incorporating wellbeing and fun into their workdays.

Freddie Scobey

Co-Founder of Work + Play

Work + Play is a brand new concept for collaborators, freelancers and people working from home, who miss the interaction of an office. Its an ideal space for those who want to get out, get active and get social, with opportunities to find physical and mental wellbeing. Its been hugely enjoyable to work with such an enthusiastic and inspirational group of people, who had a clear vision for what they wanted this space to be from the beginning of the project. We have been able to deliver infrastructure alterations and key services upgrades that have adapted the space into a light, airy and welcoming environment. It will hopefully be the first of many Work + Play spaces.

Rory Smyth

Director of Office Principles London Team