Office Refurbishment

A smart workplace design can bring many new and exciting benefits for your business; from freeing up space you never knew you had to saving on costs and increasing performance.  As a specialist office refurbishment company, we have a unique process that is cost effective and will ensure minimal disruption to the daily running of your company.

At Office Principles we are confident in delivering an office interior design that will bring new vitality to your workplace, increasing staff morale and productivity. A well thought out, effective office design will also create a good impression to visiting clients and help to develop a structured, professional image that inspires confidence and loyalty.

In today’s aggressive market, the decision to refurbish an office may save you more money than choosing to relocate entirely. Our dedicated office refurbishment consultants will produce specialist phased project programmes to clearly illustrate the impact of a good office renewal. The decision to refurbish your workplace demands careful consideration, that’s why we’ll take care of everything from start to finish so that your business can run as normal while we do all the heavy lifting.

Our experts will spearhead the building appraisals to ensure the design fits with what your office can accommodate, this includes everything from office furniture to electrical systems. Our team will create concept drawings and 3D visuals so that you are always a part of the office design journey. And we’ll even help you with the change management, so that your staff can seamlessly transition into their new office.

To minimise the disruption to your day to day activities, we can plan to work over weekends and out of hours to ensure there is no negative impact on your operational hours of working. Below are some of the services we include in our commercial office refurbishment package:

  • Workplace Analysis Process (WAP)
  • Site Survey
  • 3D visualisation and layout design
  • Strategic cost analysis
  • Electrical systems and Mechanical work
  • IT Solutions
  • Project management
  • Health and safety
  • Sustainable refurbishment
  • Quality and cost control
  • Furniture procurement


As your company expands you will need a workspace that will be able to accommodate additional members of staff.

Your business growth might dictate a change in your office layout or the need for entirely new facilities – Office Principles will be able to make sure these requirements align with your existing premises through a quality design brief. Improving current or implementing new facilities into your office interior design can greatly impact team morale and strengthen your company culture.

Having a strong brand image means that clients and prospects will be able to better gauge your company from the moment they step into your headquarters. First impressions really do count and with an eye-catching, professionally designed office refurbishment, you will be able to instil confidence and build trust with your visitors which will help to convert those potential leads into loyal customers.

In today’s working landscape, organisations continue to change and evolve - shifting the workplace into multigenerational hubs of activity that houses workers of all ages, sex and race. These demographics are factors which will affect the efficiency of a workplace design and if not executed correctly, can result in a performance drop and further alteration costs for your business.

Your workers’ wellbeing and morale is the heart of your business success. The physical environment can impact a person’s mood and productivity in dramatic ways. Embracing the fact that employees are expecting something more than just a cubicle from their workspace and that new ways of working are still emerging will benefit companies in vital ways. Not only will you be able to bring about innovation for your company and create a team that works more creatively, but you will be ensuring that your workers are a healthy, happy and motivated workforce.

So if you are looking to expand your HQ, improve your business performance or get more out of your existing space, there is no better time than now to consider an office refurbishment to see what the office of the future might look like for you. Contact Office Principles to discuss the needs and challenges of your office, your workers, and your business.